Sunday, July 23, 2006


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About a year or so ago, a letter came to me asking for permission to 'show' Arolf in a film documentary entitled Alyana. They said that they will show him in a positive light.

The first thought that came to mind was, will it have a negative effect on my son?

As an advocate for special children, I signed the paper.

I am not and will never be ashamed of Arolf's condition. I am so proud of everything he has accomplished, even little things like putting his trash in the waste bin properly without us ordering him to do so.

I thought, if this will shed light to other parents who are going through the same emotions I have everyday, then so be it.

I forgot all about the movie. As I said, it was years ago.

Then when I heard about it to be shown, I thought, it sounds familiar... and I wanted very much to see it... Though I got sick, and UP Diliman is quite far for me, I really wasn't going to.

Until the conference where T'Mila, his former SPED teacher, advised me to get my 2 complimentary tickets for Alyana and explained to me that it was the film that asked for my permission before.

OMG. hahaha...

So, I got the tickets and watched it with my mom.

They said Arolf will just have a bit part, like showing him cleaning something. So I said, OK... Eventhough it was a bit part, he's still on it, and it's a documentary film, very informational. My mom would better understand Arolf's condition when I bring her with me.

Of course, i invited Arolf's dad first, but he said he had a prior commitment. He should've been the one who needed more information about his son.

The movie was 2 and a half hours long and in fact they have to cut it into 2 parts so the people watching can have a break.

The first thing that got me excited was one of the posters... Arolf's name was on it! My mom saw it, and after the show he got it from the walls without even asking someone... hahahaha! That's my mom.

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Since I didn't know when he's gonna be on, I had to take out the digicam and wait like crazy pushing buttons and changing batteries... It's a shame that I didn't get the first part of the credits coz Arolf's name nga was on it pala.

When I saw the part where T'Mila was already in, I pressed record and got his first appearance. Pity it ain't clear.

He was washing a chair... and very much like he knows how to! My mom had to laugh coz we never thought he could do that... he's so lazy around the house!

We were considering not finishing the movie since it was already late and we have to commute to go home, but I insisted we finish it.. We didn't know that he will be shown 3 more times! It's like he really IS into the movie, and not a bit part.. I wasn't able to capture the rest on video, coz we really didn't know when he'll show and it's always in passing.

The next scene, he was shown walking to the board to tell time, only his back was shown.
And then when he was in the church, close up.
He was asked to write something on the board, side-view.

I was so psyched. My son is a movie star. Hahaha.

I really have to grab a hold of a copy of that movie... not just because Arolf was on it, but I wanted to give copies of it to people for their own understanding of the truths and myths of every child who has it.

The hardships and emotions that parents go through everyday. The clinical, medical, educational, and other aspects of the disability. The many adults who has the same condition living a normal life. How they think with much more sense that us 'normal' people.

And of course, it's permanence. That this condition will never go away.

That is one of the reasons I wanted now to go into a business. Because when I got sick, I realized, if I had died, what will happen to Arolf? Surely, he will be neglected by his father's family... I am sure of it. He might not get the proper education, maybe institutionalized.

I wanted to give him a start in life... I wanted him to get into business like a computer shop or food business where he can work on his own time, be his own boss. Just live and earn and not have to wait on someone to give it to him.

That is one of the reasons I teach Anea and Tony to love their brother everyday. Siblings play an important role.

I realized now how much more I have to teach him... how much more understanding I have to provide... how much more time I have to provide.

I realized everything with one excellent documentary film by MiranaMedina.

I promise you, when I get a hold of a copy, I will post it here... and i'll provide you with a free copy. Let's just wait for it, coz i'm sure it will be available soon.


We got home around 12mn... super plakda ako... we ate first at Chowking, me having the chicken noodle, but i didn't finish the broth coz it's salty... and the steamed kangkong for my veggies without the bagoong of course... and when we got home i ate a banana for my fruit serving....

kahit pagod kasi nilakad namin from Film Center hanggang mejo kanto na ng UP palabas, i had a great time with my mom and we got to talk a lot more about Arolf.

anyway, til later na lang ulit... too much stuff that needs to be done today... it's Arolf's family day, and I have to bring Puto at Kutsinta pa... bibili pa ako sa market... what's super nakakainis about this day is I will see the devil again, talk again na naman yan...

we already talked eh... ganun pa rin... bwisit... he texted me pa na worried daw naman siya sa kin at concerned siya sa condition ko, he just doesn't know how to show it... and he still had the audacity to turn everything around and blame it on me... stupid jerk.

oh well, a jerk will always be a jerk.



  1. galing galing naman... at may comments na din ang blog mo. nice move since I know and I feel, daming fans tong blog mo. moms with special child should be like you. your son's so blessed to have a parent like you. way to go gurl! I'm very proud of you :)

  2. he's autistic? i didn't know, i thought that happy smile in his pics was something. nwei, be strong for him.

    p.s. i love your curls. i wish my hair's like yours.

  3. @Goldi--thanks... actually, ala ng fans ang blag na to simula ng tinigilan ko.. since wala ng magawa na naman sa buhay, naisipan ko na namang magsulat. nyehehehe.

    @Kendi--yep. 'properly' labeled as having Asperger's Syndrome, considered high-functioning Autism. Dale is one of the reasons i'm still breathing.

    actually, my hair is straight when i was born... it curled after i gave birth... weird di ba? hahaha.