Tuesday, July 11, 2006

a busy day...

another day... i was a little busy today...

1. had to fix the children for school, clean a little...

2. i went to the doctor for my follow-up check-up and here is what he has to say:

-specific diagnosis is IgA nephritis - Berger's disease or synpharyngitic glomerulonephritis
-only 40% of my kidneys are now functioning, the rest are scarred. Image

-we're trying to save that 40% so i still have to take the steroids as is for another month, and then he'll see if he can taper it. Image

-he can't do anything about the sleeping disorder, Image because it comes with the steroids... he won't give me sleeping pills. i have too much medicines already. so i still have a month na magiging ganito ang routine ko, before it gets better... if you could just see me now... sobrang pangit ko na... Image puffy eyes... Image big belly.... yucky talaga... Image i wouldn't dream of having my friends see me like this... pwede sila Bes and Mai... wala silang choice. Image

-so, i need to rest... even if i can't sleep. tutal naman daw i'm not working.Image
-i have to go to the dietician to give me advice on my protein intake (52%) whatever that means... so, maybe i'll go tomorrow for it. Image

-one of my meds (the injectible) was tapered from 3x to once a week na lang! yey! at least we could save some money... Image but then i have to be given another medicine for my blood pressure. at least mas mura ito... awang awa na ko sobra sa mom ko... buti na lang someone helped me rin sa meds nung week na yun... and i'll be forever greatful for that... grabe, isa siyang anghel... hehe. Image

-i have to go back to him after two weeks for another check-up. Image

3. since i have been aching to get a new fone, i have been scouting for one on the net via ebay to see if i can afford one... and i found an L7 in mint condition that i found out i could buy given that i sell my old fone and get some help for the remainder. so, i got help for the money (i've to pay for it after i dispose my old fone and the rest, of course. buti na lang may money siya on hand now.)

my mom volunteered to accompany me coz the seller only deals in his shop in Katipunan... oh yes, ganun kalayo...Image so, we went there... first time namin ever to ride the LRTA2.... OMG, ang ganda niya..Image ang linis... parang pang-international. wala pang masyadong tao, at clean! wide trains and all.. feeling ko nasa Manhattan ako (well, according to my mom, mas maganda pa nga raw kesa dun sa Manhattan). I should have had my digicam with me so i could've taken pictures! Image

all the way there, i noticed my mom is getting weary... about everything! kasi nga una, malayo... tapos di pa namin kilala...

pag dating namin dun, nice naman yung seller...Image nagpapatayo pa siya ng computer shop... he's busy... pero accomodating... i got the unit and charger only, kasi wala na yung box and accessories... bigay kasi sa kanya daw ng mom niya, eh meron na siyang L6 so binenta na nga lang daw niya at a cheap (yes!) price... ok na rin sa kin, kasi mint talaga... naka-plastic protectors pa and all... Image

so, after the transaction, we went home na... sobrang layo ng narating namin just to follow my achy breaky hart's wish... my mom was a trouper! i love her even more... hahaha!

nung nasa daan naman kami, suddenly someone texted her that her sister is here! From the US (where my Dad is now living)... nagulat kami sobra kasi we know that she's scheduled to come home November pa... OMG, biglaan talaga... Image even my Dad doesn't know that she went here... wala man lang daw dalang kahit ano... well, namatay daw kasi ang parent ng isang 'friend'... hanep, di ba?

so, tomorrow, we might go out to eat with her...

i haven't told anyone about my new fone yet, coz alam ko mababasa niyo naman yun dito eh... so, ayan, sinasabi ko na... hehehe... may utang na naman ako sa napakaraming tao! at least i get to change my fone into something a little better...

here's my ode to my new L7:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

i like you coz you're black and slim
i like you better coz you're thin
i didn't like the way that you don't have a box
but when all i look at you all i can say is 'shucks'

i also like it that you take clear pictures
and you have video captures
i just cant figure out why you're message memory is low
coz i dont have your manual, you know.

i like the way that i don't have to learn more
coz you're just like the one i had before
you're just a little better and bigger
but as i said, you're thinner!

(at least even if your owner is fat)

o di ba? weirdo ko no? Image hehe. ganito ata talaga mga adik at mga nagshashabu!Image

3. i tried to sleep when we got home, but FAILED. Image Sometimes, i wish i could get sooooo tired na talagang paplakda ako... Image kaso lang di rin pwede maging tired eh, coz of my blood pressure... pag labas ko ng kwarto, my mom has already done the laundry! syet! sabi ko, sayang, i could have just helped her out... kakaguilty tuloy... Image akala daw niya kasi nakatulog ako...

4. my mom already fixed dinner, and i just set the table and ate with the kids, went to the do the dishes... checked Dale's assignment... then watched Kapamilya shows on tv while waiting for my niece, Erika, to finish her project so I can do this...

5. i have to send Dad a short email about something...

6. try to SHHHHHLLLLLLLEEEEEP..... Image

btw, i have to get some work-out... feeling ko, gusto ko ng Yoga, para mejo spiritual ang dating... baka it might help me sleep better pa... so, i'm gonna research on it and find myself some CDs... baka may pirated nito sa MCS eh.

i remembered telling mom kanina that i'm a changed woman... and i still feel it's true... now kasi i can appreciate little things more... like if i have to wash the dishes, ibig lang sabihin nun, at least we ate! or if i have to clean the house, at least it means i have a house to clean! yung ganun ba... parang mejo nawawala ang pagiging reklamador ko over petty stuff... pwede ring kahit mataba ako coz of the steroids, at least my kidneys are getting better... wala lang... i just wanted to air it out... baka din makatulong sa inyong mind-being.

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