Wednesday, July 12, 2006

what happened yesterday

hay... mejo stressed ako kahapon... Image my Tita Lina from the States just came home, biglaan... Image without any notice talaga... She looked ok naman... ganun pa rin... she's still so nice.. ang kaso, marathon sila kahapon ng pag-liwaliw ng konti kasi she'll be staying til Friday lang... Image

so, after eating out for lunch, they went to Mla. Memorial to visit my lola's grave... tapos we all went to Max's for dinner dito lang sa may EGI Mall Buendia... Image kainis nga coz iba rin ang luto ng food Image, di gaya sa aming favorite na Harrison Plaza branch na nice food and nice servers... Image

since i should be on a low protein diet, mejo kainis ang mag-eat out... but I cheated talaga... Image hay... tigas ulo di ba? hehehe... dapat kasi parang matchbox size lang ng meat ang kinakain ko... eh kaso, kumain ako ng chicken quarter... so mejo high na yun... tapos a piece of lean meat from the kare-kare... tapos sabaw ng sinigang na hipon (bawal kasi sa kin yung hipon, per se)... tapos an Ube desert (my favorite)... Image

after eating, i felt really bad...
Image like I hurt sa batok (which is a sign of high blood pressure)... so, when i got home i took my meds agad... my mom was worried a little... Image

ayan kasi naman, di ba???? Image ang siba kasi... hehehe... so ngayon, i promised her i will eat only oatmeal for the day... sana makayanan ko... well, favorite ko naman ang oatmeal. Image

i learned yesterday that a lot of people loves me, telling me they prayed for me and everything will be well.. Image

mejo nabawasan ang anxiety ko over my katabaan
Image kasi i saw my cousins there na sobra silang nagtabaan... even fatter than me... grabe.. kala ko nga buntis pa yung iba... nagulat talaga ako kasi etong mga to ay mga dalaga... pero syempre, magaganda pa rin kami... Image

after eating we took some pictures...

Image Hosted by

here are my relatives... Look at me! I look like an idiot in Nald's jacket... lamig eh...

Image Hosted by

here are my mom's siblings... my tita lina is the one in all-brown... my mom is the matangkad sa left with the bushy hair... magkakamukha sila no?

Image Hosted by

here's my closest cousin from my mother's side, si Rocky... and his husband, Erwin... true love, di ba? coffee and milk... sobrang bait ni Erwin, wala akong ibang masasabi, cept na sana magmana sa amin ang kaputian ng baby nila, coz it's gonna be a girl!

anyway, before we went out, I took some pictures kasi nag-ayos ako ng room...

Image Hosted by

here are my skinny legs, mejo asiwa ako dito coz sanay akong malaki legs ko...

Image Hosted by

this is my bedroom now... with my queen sized bed, my magulo stuff, and my local channels only TV... sira na kasi ang cable something niya.. the rest of the room, cabinets na... notice the little pink pillow? yun ang ginagamit ko for my head... it's a big baby pillow na may hole sa gitna? ganun... i'm looking for another one like it kasi luma na siya, pero i can't find one that's right...

Image Hosted by

here are my turtles on top of my tv... isang plushie at isang CD case na walang laman, so considered na siyang plushie... can't afford to display my other small turtle stuff kasi sinisira ng mga babies ko... in fact, nawawala na yung iba... i'm still wishing for more turtle stuff... even bedsheets and curtains and pillows and stuff!!!! yun ang wish ko, na mapuno ko ng turtle designs ang room ko... gusto ko si Squirt or si Crush... cuties!!! Image***giggling like a little girl*** Image

Image Hosted by

of course, i have to take at least one shot of me (being vain)... taba ng mukha ko di ba? Image

Image Hosted by

and this is part of the shelf, crammed with books, a lot i haven't read yet... i think now is the time to start reading again... syempre wala ng magawa dito... BUM! Image
anyway, that's what happened yesterday...

i'm proud to say that my earliest wake-up time now is 5AM (2 days na)... Image i can actually sleep through for 4 hours now... yey!!! sana madagdagan pa... Image

i'm also chatting with my cousin now who's in CA... eto, i found out na gusto rin pala niya ng
turtles... hehehe... eh, nagpapahanap ako sa kanya... marami ata nung ganung stuff sa US...

so there... i'm off... for now... umaga na talaga, the skies are actually getting brighter na... Image darn, the weather was so bad yesterday... Image and yet we were able to go out and have little fun... Image

bye, 360!

just noticed na small ang pictures... hay... next time.

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