Friday, July 21, 2006

when all i do is rant


i am looking for just about anything else to do, but rant...

i found a link where you get paid to read and click email advertisements... it's kinda referral thingie din... parang Google adsense, that you can put banners on ur site and they'll send you a check... i thought why not do it na lang din? tutal wala akong ginagawa... so, i guess my other Blogger account should be open again for the public consumption... anyway, here's the sample referral email... if u wanna do anything but rant, click away...

Dear (friend),

I discovered an interesting Internet company called Registered members are paid for each message coming to their mailboxes from, and you get to select what type of advertising messages you want to receive. The potential income you can earn is enormous. You get paid for reading emails and if you tell friends and relatives, and they sign up, you get paid each time they read email. I suggest you to check it out. I hope you'll find it interesting. Register on the server and you will receive paid e-mail messages.

The only thing I ask about is while registering, please, indicate my ID number in the registration form or click
here to avoid typing my ID manually. You will be able also to create your own little cash generating community when you get friends to sign up for a membership under your ID number.

All the best wishes,

Rachelle Santos
ID# 259204

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