Thursday, August 03, 2006

gusto kong umiyak pero di ko magawa

nagpunta kami sa Mla. Doctors... humingi ng 2nd opinion... magaling yung doctor... wala akong masabi...

ang gist... we're just prolonging the inevitable.

the steroids are just buying me 3 months time without dialysis... mahaba pa ang explanation and i don't have the strength to say anything anymore.

so, dialysis, 2x a week for life til we decide on transplantation.

my mom was devastated.

if she is already, how can i be?

i have to be strong for the whole family.

HOPE: the doctor does not trust the pathologist... requesting biopsy slides for 2nd opinion at NKI... this time, i'm wishing the biopsy results are really wrong and that there's more time we can bide before dialysis.


  1. aws... ang hirap naman nyan..

    wala ko masabi. =(

    God be with you reich.

  2. kaya mo yan, reich.

    my prayers are with you =)