Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Since i already have the results from my biopsy, pumunta kaming doctor kanina. I was ready for anything. And since i always think negatively (para pag negative nga, ready na ko... at para kung positive, happy ako), and i saw the results already, i know what he was gonna say na.

what i didn't expect him to say was that the result now is worse than the last one. The last one said, i still have 40% of my kidneys. Now, it's 7%. Shockingly wide difference, huh? So, mali talaga yung biopsy.

This doctor kept on apologizing coz he thought he gave me false hopes. i have to tell him it's ok, that i just wanna start with the discussion of the treatment coz i was really ready for it. =)

so, this week, i have to go to another doctor for a minor operation for the fistula. i'm gonna have a 'suicide' cut?! but, it's gonna be vertical. i think it's for the vein to pop-out like Arnold Swarsziyucky, so they can stick needles better. hahaha. i really dunno what it really is for, but here's the picture:

di ko na lalagay yung actual pictures ng operation kasi mejo ew! hehe.

actually, gusto ko na lang nga talagang idialysis na eh... kesa ganitong naka-steroids... mas pangit ang pakiramdam... though getting stuck with 2 needles 2x a week is a bummer.

my mom felt a little better... kasi sabi nga ng doctor, i can live a normal life after i get used to the dialysis already... tsaka may night-time dialysis naman daw, and weekends... i can work na daw after mga 1 or 2 months na dialysis. that's the idea nga daw, so i can work!

isipin mo rin no? magdialysis ka, so you can work... so you can pay for your dialysis... hehehe...

it's a sick cycle carousel... but, hey, i'm NOT complaining. So long as i can go back to eating normally... looking normally. i'm fine.

may tumawag nga sa kin kanina eh... yung dati ko pang inapplayan na St. Bernadette's College ba yun... i forgot... they need an English teacher daw... baka daw next sem, perhaps? hehe... sabi ko, definitely. yey!

that's really what i'm looking forward naman talaga... teaching... so i can use what i have learned... teka, meron ba? haha... well, at least magamit ko license ko... which i have to renew na rin next year.


i finished Season 2 of HOUSE M.D. yung Season 1 kasi na Disc mejo palpak, so i have to return it pa... i love the series and can't wait for the 3rd season... Sept 5 pa pala start yun sa US... yun nga lang, pangit ng cable namin, walang Star Network... so, maghihintay na naman akong matapos ang season para makabili ng DVD? wah!!!


  1. Guess...I want to hug you right now. If only I can really hug you, not for anything but for being so brave, I surely would. Yours is such an inspiring energy.

    You wrote this as if assuring yourself and your readers that everyhing will be alright. I have nothing else to say than--everything will be alright.

    May the force be with you.

  2. i love HOUSE -- although im not able to watch most of it. wala kasing cable eh. Maybe i should ask my friend who has dsl to download... Ü

    Just stumbled on this blog. I don't know the story of your sickness, but i do hope you go through it fine.

    will drop by once in a while, ok? Ü

    (and i see in your sidebar gaiman links. coooool Ü)

  3. @WS--mas hassle magdownload, kaya bumili na lang ako dibidi... napalitan ko naman, so ok lang... tuloy ang saya... tapos ko na siya... hehe.

    sickness--hm.. renal failure.. kidneys are goners and im now awaiting dialysis.

    by all means, drop in. =)

    @bananas--thanks... people like you make me stronger.

  4. saan mo nabili yung season 2 mo?! big fan din ako ni House...season one pa lang ang napanood ko eh... take care and get well forever... luv ya

  5. pong -- pasensya, ngayon lang ako nagbukas ng blog... sa makati cinema square, andaming dibidi don... muah!