Wednesday, January 10, 2007


long time no post! =)

a lot happened during the holidays that i didn't have the energy to post. i had a fun Christmas and New Year. My family and I even went to Tagaytay for New Year's day para maiba naman.

pictures of the holidays are found here.

nagpupunta din ako ng mga healing masses, and there were instances na talagang na-feel ko ang presence ng Holy Spirit... coming from me, you'll think that i'm joking, pero hindi... totoo to, mga 'pre.

I will be a little busy with something that I have been longing to do since I was little, so I might not be posting again soon.

I will also be busy with asking help from people about getting a Kidney Transplant... it will cost us about 1.3M all in all... and we don't have money to spare. Meron bang mayayamang taong nagbabasa ng blog na to? biyayaan niyo naman ako... hehehe...

No, seriously... if you know of anyone, or anything at all that could help me with this, please let me know.

Sa ngayon, all we could think of is asking from politicians, kasi, you know... election sa May! hehe... sana nga, before the year ends, ma-transplant na ko.

Pray for me, please. thanks!

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