Thursday, February 15, 2007

I had a Techno Date on Valentine's Day

Probably the best Valentine's Day I had without a romantic date was today. My Aunt, Tita Lina, gave me an Acer Aspire 5100 Widescreen Notebook PC.

I guess getting dreadfully sick has great rewards, too.

And I mean not only the material things.

There's love and care from people that I have taken for granted... from people that I thought has come and gone from my so-called life.

Of course, I had my share of disappointments every Valentine's day. I rarely had a date from him. I get a single rose or a cake sometimes, but not a romantic movie/concert-dinner date.

I have been dreaming of one, I guess. The kind where he goes to a lot of painstaking processes just to reserve a place... soulful music is playing from the background... we're dressed in nice clothes... that sort of date.

Even for once in my life.

Bugger. I'm 32 and I'm still a dreamer.

Oh well, maybe someday.

Speaking of Someday... Isn't Nina's song the most tearful song ever? If you haven't heard of it, you'd better grab a copy of her CD... or, well, steal one. *haha*

Anyway, even if I didn't have that dream date, I am still happy... Coz one of my dreams has come true.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Ang cool naman ng tita mo! Very generous.

    Someday's a good song. But I kinda got sick and tired of listening to it. Ewan ko, siguro dahil di ko rin ganon ka-feel si Nina. Hehehehe!

    Have a nice week ahead! Ang bilis ng araw...