Monday, March 19, 2007

a girl and Geni

i thought of one thing yesterday that made Anea shout "no way!"...

i told them i wanted another girl.

i said, if ever we get freakingly rich one day, i'll adopt a cute little newborn baby girl to add to the daily ruckus.


gusto ko talaga.

anyway, i found a website where you can make a family tree... it's fun! try mo.



I want to tell you about Geni, a great new website that helps families create and share their family tree and stay in touch with each other.

My family tree already has 16 people in it!

Please click here to get started:

Here's how Geni works:

* You start by entering your name and email address. Then, just click the yellow arrows to add your relatives!
* You can invite a relative to join the tree by entering their email address. That relative can add and invite other relatives so your tree will continue to grow!
* Geni is a private network. Only the people in your tree can see your tree and your profile. Geni will never spam you or share personal information with third parties.

Have fun building your tree!
-Rachelle Santos

1 comment:

  1. i actually would adopt a girl too if given the chance.. remember ko tuloy sa news, there was once a baby girl na iniwan ng mother nya sa isang playhouse.. that child was very cute too!!!! =)