Monday, March 12, 2007

la lang.

i was wondering about what to post, and i remembered that i haven't blogged about my day with one of the richest people in this country. =)

well, it started nicely. i brought my niece along. we went to the pilates studio that my cousin is working for to meet her. she was nice, and the BMW was nice, too... 'cept that it smelled new, and i don't like new-smelling-cars... i really wanted to puke right there and then... i was praying all the way to their house for me not to get sick talaga coz it will be sooooo nakakahiya. haha.

as we were driving along the streets i kept on guessing which house she lives... and when we turned right to a driveway, i thought, it wasn't so bad... but it wasn't so big.... wait!!! as i turned my head to the left, i was clearly mistaken. hehe.. the place was humongous! i think, 3 houses, a pool, and a tennis court... well, plus the huge garden... the whole block was theirs! i am so envious, i almost drooled. haha.

we met her foreigner husband, her 2 adopted children, and the american yoga instructor. we had lunch, then the instructor and i did our stuff in their yoga studio... it was a nice experience naman, and the hostess was so kind... you won't even think that she's rich...

afterwards, we were taken home by her driver in a beat-up FX... i wasn't disappointed, coz i couldn't take it if we were gonna ride in the BMW again! i might not be able to control my puke instincts. =)

then i got a call from my cousin 2 days ago.. it seems that the social worker who called me up said that according to me DAW, i didn't need any help. they were disappointed daw that i said that.

i told my cousin to let them know that i didn't say that... the social worker didn't even ask me if i needed any! sabi ko nga, ako pa nga nadisappoint coz i thought they were gonna help me with the transplant.

i don't know if i was gonna get angry, or matatawa ako... actually, i am really not into the whole transplant thing. my cousin even went out of her way and did this raffle for a cause and sold tickets for me. i appreciate it, but i wasn't really into it. siguro in denial pa rin ako, or siguro malaki lang ang faith ko that i won't be needing a transplant. hindi ko rin alam.

alam ko lang, ang mga issues na ganito, di na lang pinapansin... lalo lang akong magkakasakit... ayoko na ng mga issues na hindi naman makakatulong sa kin.

basta, i really appreciate all their efforts... the yoga was really great... the hosts obviously well-bred and kind... the experience was, let's get on with life.


ang mga pictures sa ibaba kung titingnan ay ho-hum, pero maniwala kayo... sa personal, pwede kang maglaway sa laki, hihingalin ka pagpunta pa lang sa pool. pramis.

yoga time 'to... kinunan ako ng picture ng pamangkin kong walang magawa.

this is me, nagfi-feeling. nyahahaha!

eto yung other side, the house at the side is actually
the house daw ng father nila. the mr. richie richest.

view of the garden. after the garden is the house of our host.


nilagay ang mga pictures na ito sa iisang kadahilanan lamang, gusto ko lang maalala na nakapunta ako dito... walang kinalaman to sa may-ari ng bahay, sa estado nila sa buhay, at wala akong masamang balak...

sana hindi ako mademanda sa pagpopost ng mga pictures na to, di ba? pero, basta, kahit pingutin niyo tenga ko di ko sasabihin kung saan to. hehe.

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  1. hello mommy pong!
    parang sira ata browser ko. can't read ur blogposts properly.

    pero thanks for dropping by and for the comment. kinda in tough times lately. it's in my new post. :)