Friday, March 02, 2007

medyo kinakabahan ako

medyo lang... first time ko kasing makakapasok sa bahay ng isang rich and famous.

I was invited by one of the siblings of a prominent TV magnate for lunch at her house, and a yoga session to teach me positions that will be good for my kidneys. That's on March 5.

Apparently, the siblings were touched by the article that i submitted. I even got a call from a social worker from one of their foundations. At first I thought someone reported me as a bad mother. haha! Turned out, it was a 'courtesy call' from them to ask me if I'm okay, and if my kids (especially Dale) needed anything.

Touched naman ako, syemps. Medyo merong part na nakaka-disappoint, pero ok lang. =)

They said they were deciding on which magazine daw they will publish my article come April.

So, on Monday, I will be riding on expensive cars, eating on silver platters, and rubbing my tushy on the carpeted floor of one of the rich and famous in the country.



if they don't publish my article, i can probably post it here or somewhere else. di pa lang pwede ngayon. =)

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