Saturday, April 14, 2007

House, MD

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The first time I've known about this show was when Season 2 was over. I bought a copy of it (yes, pirated) from somewhere, and had the privilege to meet Dr. Gregory House, MD. I was not sure what to feel about him being so... arrogant. But, despite of all the arrogance and air of insensitivity, I've grown to like the doctor.

Who wouldn't? He's brilliant. And even if he doesn't admit it, he has a heart.

I especially liked the Season 3 episode, entitled Lines in the Sand, where he treated a child (Adam) with severe autism.

Here's a portion of the dialogue that got me:

"See, skinny socially-privileged white people get to draw this neat little circle. Everyone inside this circle is normal. Anyone outside the circle should be beaten, broken, & reset, so they are brought in to the circle. Failing that you should be institutionalized, or worse, pitied."

"So, it's wrong to feel sorry for this little boy?"

"Why would you feel sorry for someone who gets opt-out of the inane courteous formalities which are utterly meaningless, insincere, and therefore degrading? This kid doesn't have to pretend to be interested in your back pain or your excretion or your grandmother's itchy place. Imagine how liberating to live a life free of all the mind-numbing social niceties. I don't pity this kid, I envy him."


The previous post will remain as is, even if some people would think that it was too much... that I shouldn't judge Mrs. Roco for one wrong comment. I only read one comment about it. Others were from people who felt like me, and have known how me and my family struggled to keep Dale as 'normal' as he could possibly be.

Here are what some of my friends sent me:

you really know how to melt my heart and make me well up.

Got so inspired with what you've written, it brought me to tears ha, galing mo. Pero yeah, i agree in EVERYTHING you've said. And I felt your pain talaga. Dati I cared about things like this, but I guess I just didn't care enough, pero with everything you've said, it really hit me. I guess it made me realized that I also need to make a stand. Stand against people like her- heartless,selfish and insincere. She doesnt deserve to be part of the Senate.
Also, your joy being around Dale, it's truly inspiring and I felt it too...I felt your joys with every bit of description you've provided,hehe=)
Dale is lucky and truly blessed to have you as his mother=) Just as you're blessed to have him as your son=)

Gurl, sobra kong naiyak sa email mo about Roco and Autism. Nandito nga sa haus si roshel at binasa ko sa kanya ang email mo. Sobra ako naka relate kc ung pamangkin ko ay may down syndrome. Ganun ata talaga ang ibang tao, sobrang insensitive. Dati, nung wala pa akong pamangkin na down syndrome, madalas pag may biruan at sinasabing para kang mongoloid, natatawa din ako sa biro. Pero, nung magkaron kami ng kapamilyang mongoloid, masakit pala ang birong ganun. Kasi kung may makarinig na iba at may kapamilya silang may down syndrome nga, masakit na biro talaga un.

Yan tuloy naging serious ako. Ikaw kasi, pinaiyak mo ako...

I am not posting it here to make you believe that what I wrote was great, that I was right. This is not an editorial writing contest or something I do to make me famous. I already have my hands full with being a full-time mother. That was the only reason why I felt strongly about Mrs. Roco's blunder--I AM A MOTHER.

You see, this is an election. One false move, one stupid remark, will make or break your campaign. She said she has relatives that are special, I believe that's all the more reason why she should've kept her mouth shut.

What I've written is my opinion, it's how I felt. I didn't write it to irk anyone or to tell anyone not to vote for her. I believe that everyone's got a mind of his/her own. Go ahead and vote for her, it's not my call.

Do not get me wrong. I have forgiven her for what she said. After all, as I said, she is ignorant of how it is to have a son with autism, so she doesn't know any better.

But do not think that ONE lost vote (mine) will not ruin her chances of winning. My vote might be the only one she'll need to win this election, and I'm sorry to say, it will take more than a TV and print apology to convince me otherwise.


Sometimes I think is it evil of me to want my son to be normal? He might not be able to finish school. He might not be able to get a job. He might not be able to marry and have children.

But that's the point. I keep on thinking what MIGHT not happen.

All I'm sure of now is that we love Dale... and until he cannot decide for his own, we are here to make sure he gets the best that we could offer him. He might take it or he might not. But with faith, I'm sure he will.


More about Autism? You may read my friend, Joel's post.

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