Thursday, July 12, 2007

things i wanna do before i die

like something from A Walk to Remember?
Not really.

1. drive (again, even once or twice)
2. eat strawberries dipped in chocolate
3. catch a snowflake with my tongue
4. go to Baguio (again), Galera, Cebu (again, loved the wide streets), Boracay, Bohol (to see the Chocolate Hills), New York, California, Seattle, France, Singapore, Hongkong, Ireland, London, Canada (to see Ces), etc. (yeah, right. i wish.)
5. ride a horse
6. iceskate
7. complete the Harry Potter movie series (2 more)
8. marry again (so i can plan it)
9. see a real castle (and let down my hair from the tower... joke!)
10. see my grandchildren (after my kids finishes school, of course)
11. kiss someone under a mistletoe (and i wrote this before i saw HP kiss Cho, ok?)
12. be matron of honor (abay lang pwede na) for Anne's, and Bes' wedding. (this is gonna take forever if these 2 won't hurry up already!)
13. ride an airplane again, and take pictures while inside. forgot to do this the first time.
14. wear contact lenses again, for some occasion... and sunglasses.
15. wear skinny jeans and not feel fat. <-- did this already, but now.... f*ck. GO ON A DIET!!!
16. buy a good DSLR, and take great pictures.
17. finish another course (CERTIFICATE in something will be fine)
18. finish my OJT in PNU (see #17)
19. grow my hair longer than this (as in as long as i can handle it)
20. paint my nails yellow (i've done white, green, blue, pink, blackish, tan, purplish)
21. enroll in Instituto Cervantes and learn Spanish. <--not that good at it, so it's still here
22. finish my M.A. (Early Childhood)
23. find a copy of P.S. I Love You (Barbara Conklin, Sweet Dreams #1 issue); and a book entitled Kaleidoscope (ata). A friend of mine in high school gave me this, but i lost it. This is where I first read "none are so blind as they that won't see." And Frank Deford's Alex: The Life of a Child (it's abt a child with Cystic Fibrosis)
24. run my own preschool, or tutorial center
25. meet Gerard Butler in person <--ayan, may motivation to live on... LOL


changed the title, i can't have just 10, or 12. I realized I have to have a lot. Sorta like my Reasons For Breathing. As long as this list continues, I don't have a reason to die, to snuff out, to quit, to give up, or whatever synonyms you can think of. Brilliant, huh? *grin*

so now i have 20 21 25 things... i wonder which one of these i'm gonna do this year? #2! bili nga kong strawberries sa linggo. weh... hahahaha!

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  1. trip ko lang din magpost about ur survey:

    i want to drive too...not just ordinary driving. but like schumacher. haha!

    gosh! pareho tayo ng hilig. strawberries in chocolate dip! yum!

    i like lifehouse... but i wanna be in a euro concert in some soccer field. kinda like the concert tribute for Princess D.

    i wanna go to france and the rest of europe... with ryan. :) a la "before sunset/sunrise" daw.

    to touch the flakes of snow is enough for me. i dunno and i won't bother skating. hehe

    i was harry potter's ex gf. haha!

    i wanna get married and remarry ryan.