Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ang impluwensya ng telebisyon

kanina, sinundo ko mga anak ko. nung nasa tricycle kami, bigla nilang nakita yung dati nilang service na nauuna. biglang nagkaron ng maingay na usapan:

Letku: Kuya, look! It's Mang Manny!

Kuya: Go. go. go! Go faster! Hurry!

Letku: Yes! *eng... eng... wishung! eng... eng....*

Kuya: Captain, the ship is losing fuel, we're gonna lose them!

Letku: No, we're not! C'mon... launch the rocket boosters!

As the service zooms past the other vehicles, obviously, my kids' ship is no match for the faster school service.

Letku: Crashnuts! We lost them.


It rained today. And when it rains, Kuya gets a little scared. Now, it's just a little. Compared to before where he really cowers and such, this is great.

He took cover under a pillow, and I peaked inside.

Me: Hey.

Kuya: Hi.

Me: You scared?

Kuya: Yes.

Me: Why?

Kuya: Because the earth is gonna fill up with rain and people will drown! Just like Malabon!

Ah, okay.


In their school, they have this E-card where the students will have to converse in English, and then they will have this card signed to the person they spoke with.

Kuya, being the english-speaking hilaw na Amboy in the family, we thought he will not have difficulty with this. Letku, being the youngest, and the one we thought would not be able to do it, is actually beating his Kuya and Ate at it.

Kuya, zero.

Bochog, one.

Letku, five.

His first signature was from the school nurse.

Me: Kanino ka nagpa-sign?

Letku: Kay Nurse Joy.

Me: Ano sabi mo?

Letku: Wala lang.

Bochog: Wah! Di kaya pwedeng wala lang, dapat conversation daw talaga.

(I told my father about this, and he said, girls just cannot say NO to Letku coz he's so pogi. Well, that's true.)

This continued until his 5th signature today. I should have dwelt on this and inquired further. Really. Coz
I asked him today if he indeed had his signed again for the fifth time.

Letku: oo.

Me: Kanino?

Letku: Kay Ms. Cordero. Pinuntahan ko siya sa room niya.

Me: Ano sabi mo?

Letku: Wala. Sabi ko lang can you sign my E-card? Blah-blah-blah... threat-threat-threat.

So, that's how he gets his E-card signed.

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Crashnuts--The Ant Bully
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