Thursday, July 05, 2007


Think of 10 things about yourself, and tag 3 other peeps:

1. I can't swim. i almost drowned when i was little. i'm claustrophobic--one of the reasons why i'm afraid of the water. plus, my Dad took us to see JAWS in 3D... well, you know what happens after you make a child see huge teeth coming to bite off a leg.

2. I can't drive. i tried twice, but never got around really learning how. I wish I can learn soon.

3. I've read Harry Potter 1-6. Book 7 is so expensive that i might wait before i buy one. Well, not unless you give me one. *grin*

4. I've never shoplifted, and never will. When I was in high school, some of the girls wanted me to do that for initiation or something. Blech! No way. I told them to stick up their membership something up their ass/es.

5. I've cheated in an exam only once. I mean, really cheated on my own, ok? The one where I intentionally looked at something to get the answer. I can't help cheating when you hear the answers from others who readily gave them away. Hm... It was in Chemistry, I think. Mrs. Tansio, I'm very sorry. Ninang pala. She was our ninang sa kasal. Hmmm... whatever happened to her kaya?

6. I only had one line-of-7 grade in College. That's in Taxation. Would've finished Cum Laude if I got an 80. The Dean was so mad when he found out. I forgot the name of the Professor, but he was the lamest, ever!

7. My very first line-of-7 was in high school--History. I cried for like a week or two. Eew... So pathetic. I lost my scholarship. I discovered the difference between public and private schools that time.

8. The first thought that came to mind when I saw my newborn daughter was "anak ko ba to?!" Yes, it was a mean thing to think of... when she was born, she didn't look like her dad at all... it was one of the usual things people were expecting, for the baby to look like him. With his nose and all.. Well, she does now. Yuck! She looks like a man?!! Wait, is this item about me?! *hahaha*

9. I have had 7 operations. 3 for CS, 1 for appendectomy, 1 to take out a breast tumor, 1 to take out a cyst, left ear, 1 for my fistula. And 1 for a biopsy, it's only a humongous needle, so I won't count that as an operation. Number 9 is coming very soon.

10. I lost my virginity during.... at age.... with.... asa ka pang sasabihin ko sayo?! *hahaha* Well, you all know who it's with, though. Hmm... ano na lang, I had one miscarriage. I should've gotten 4 great kids instead of 3. *sigh*

Ok, that's 10... I'm tagging anyone who wants to do this.


  1. whew! i thought my friend is the only one cursed to be admitted in the OR every year... mas ka pala... grabeh 7...

  2. wow... transplant tlaga mommy?

    *hugs her*

    kaya mo yan! God bless! :)

    p.s. bagay na bagay sa'yo ung black and white pics tlaga. hehe :)