Wednesday, August 22, 2007

2nd Day.

2nd day with Lola was much harder than the first. Suffice it to say, nosebleeding turned into internal hemorrhage. *whew*

Since she was talking really fast, i had to whisper "puedes repetir, por favor?" about a trillion times, but because of my stupid pride, I didn't want Lola and the rest of the class to hear them.

After the class, it seemed like a lot of us were like, "duh?! what was that she said?" Hay... it wasn't just me. What a relief!

Well, don't get me wrong, it was still fun. We still had lots to laugh about. We still learned a lot. It was really great to learn the language coz it ain't that hard to begin with, since a lot of our Tagalog words are the same as the Spanish ones.

To answer some questions, yes, we learned those in one day, and more, really. What I initially wrote were just some of the things we've learned the first day. Today, we learned about the 1st to 3rd narrative forms of verbs. Holy guacamoli! That one I really have to read over and over. It ain't that easy.

Anyway, the "UP Look" can only mean your jeans and shirt, your walking shoes, and your leatherettes as accessories. Plus, your hair tied up, in a way that you look you've had an all-nighter, but clean. Just the usual college drop-out student.

No skirts, no heels, no leather shoes, no frilly blouses, no shimmery bags, and no make-up.

It screams "I may not have big boobs, but my wide forehead reveals i have a good bank of great ideas."

It really was effective, coz another girl came up to me today and asked me how old i was, and when i said 32, she quickly said "no way!"

Well, well, well... *nyehehehe*

Before the class ended, we all went to the Biblioteca (library) to get our cards and to look around. Imagine how I looked as I entered the library... *eyes wide, hands itching, body aching* Holy shish kabobs! Books...! Books...! Books...! And DVDs! I never wanted to leave. But my classmates were all leaving. Not even bothering to get their cards. What the?! Am I the only one who still reads and craves for the smell of old paper? Am I the only one who wants to learn the Spanish culture, their literary greats, and their places and things and whatchamacallthose? *sigh*

I borrowed a book, and left all the same. There's still tomorrow anyway. I wouldn't want them to think I'm some kind of robotic nerd.

Anyway, for someone who wants to learn some, here are a few things:

¡Hola! Buenas tardes. Hi! Good afternoon.
Como te llamas?
Me llamo Rachelle Santos. I am Rachelle Santos.
De donde eres? Donde vives?
Soy filipina de Manila pero vivo en Pasay. I'm a Filipina from Manila but I live in Pasay.
Cual es tu direccion?
Vivo en la calle Tramo, numero 23. I live in 23 Tramo Street.
Cual es tu numero de telefono?
Mi numero de telefono es 9996007. My fone number is...
Cual es el numero de tu movil?
Mi numero de movil es 09103104204. My celfone number is...
Cual es tu correo electronico?
Mi correo electronico es My email address is...
Cuantos años tienes?
Tengo 32 años. I am 32 years old.
Cuando es tu cumpleaños? Tu zodiaco?
Mi cumpleaños es el 27 de marzo de 1975. My birthday is on...
Mi signo del zodiaco es Aries. My zodiac sign is...
Que haces?
No trabajo pero soy estudiante de español en Instituto Cervantes, curso 1, para hablar con los españoles y porque mi abuelo es español. I don't have a job, but I'm a student of Spanish in I.C. level 1, so I can speak spanish and because my grandfather is Spanish.
Estas casada o soltera?
Estoy casada pero separada. Tengo una hija, dos hijos. I am married, but separated. I have a daughter and 2 sons.
Tienes hermanos?
Tengo dos hermanos. I have 2 brothers.
Que lenguas hablas?
Hablo tagalog, ingles, y un poquito español. I speak tagalog, english, and a little spanish.

Anyway, for the call center agents, they are called agente en un centro de llamadas. *fowtek*

Some useful questions:

Como se dice ___ en español? How do you say _______ in spanish?
Puedes repetir, por favor? Can you repeat that, please?
Mas alto... raise your voice.
Mas despacio... slow down.
Esta bien asi? Is this correct?
Como se escribe? How do you spell?
Como se pronuncia? How do you pronounce?

adios. goodbye.
hasta luego. see you later.
hasta pronto. see you soon.
hasta mañana. see you tomorrow.
hasta el lunes. see you on monday.

and the numbers, and the months of the year, of course, which i guess y'all know already, 'cept they have different spellings.

Sorry if there are errors, omissions, or something. There really are a lot more, but it seems they are lost somewhere in my brain, in deep slumber for the meantime.

Anyway, see if you can practice them yourself. It helps to talk to yourself sometimes, like this:

note to self: practice later after eating. and do not forget your jacket tomorrow since the room can get friggin cold, esp when Lola starts asking questions.

check this out.

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  1. masaya naman diba? teacher mo si Lola? teacher ko yan nung level 2 nosebleed nga lang talaga kasi di marunong magtagalog pero magaling magturo yan. kakabahan ka nga lang parati. hehehehe. sana magkita tayo minsan sa school pero kada sabalo lang akong clas ko.