Saturday, August 11, 2007

Working Mom Magazine July 2007 feature

Around the end of March this year, I was approached by Working Mom editor Joy Rojas, asking me if they could feature me in their magazine. I knew this would happen, as Ms. Marissa Lopez said they would give my article to the publication.

I thought they would just have my article printed of some sort, but it was an interview by very talented and kind Janet Villa. A photo shoot came next by Alfred Mendoza.

The interview went well. I felt like I have known Janet for a long time. In most cases, I can be a very good judge of character and I am not mistaken with Janet. Alfred, of course, was very patient. I am a self-confessed camwhore. BUT, I do the taking. However, that time, it was a different person, and I really had a very difficult time focusing. My lips were quiverring all the time, and I just couldn't relax. Plus the fact that I thought that I would really look bad in those pictures coz I was so fat and so sick-looking. Hehe.

Anyway, a lot happened after the interview. My supposed to be happy marriage ended about a week after it. It wasn't a sad ending. There weren't nasty fights or something. I am not even sure if this is the end of it all. I am still hoping for an unbroken family. Maybe not now.

I just wanna say thanks to Janet for being subtle and not including everything I have said. God bless you and your family as well.

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