Friday, September 14, 2007

i hate some of it, too...

(this is in reference to this)

...waking up so early (i'm not a morning person) -- i actually am a morning person. =)

...when i'm rushed (i tend to forget a lot of things) -- i'll have to remember this. the bathroom (i just do...) -- ako rin. ew!
...fixing a mess that i didn't make (obviously) -- ah... i let the mess maker do the cleaning.
...when i just cleaned then someone will just trash it (how dare you) -- *lol*
...folding clothes (takes a lot of my time) -- i do it while thinking and listening to music.
...gardening (but i love to look at beautiful landscapes) -- this one i don't hate at all.
...stray animals (especially dogs... they might bite) -- hate is a strong word. ako naaawa. but they may bite nga.
...boring movies (yawn) -- i can always press stop or leave. depends on what kind of boring it is. baka kasi boring dahil puro usap, pero may sense naman pinaguusapan, so ok lang.
...when i'm interrupted (rudeness!!!) -- doing what? ako, when i'm reading.
...when nobody listens to me (awww...) -- i always listen to you.
...rude people (manners...) -- don't we all?
...when someone spits in public (gross) -- and urinates. oh, yes. yuck talaga. we always fight when he does spit.
...smelly places (but i go to public markets) -- i rarely go. ayoko ng maputik. kasi ung market namin dito ampanget. and those mataderos tend to wolfwhistle when i pass by noong cute pa ako (hehe). seems like they don't see a lot of girls in shorts. eh kakadiri noh. they're so dumi, smelly, and full of sweat. so, natrauma ako. haha. when he took me there last time and he left me in one corner (kasi bigat na nung dala namin) to go back for fish, wah! takot na takot akong maghintay dun ng magisa. the guys around are all looking so lustfully (if ever that's a word). what more kung ikaw noh!!! gosh, what's with men and the wet market?!!!
...being alone (it's sad) -- ok lang if you're thinking.

...when i'm being played (it's even sadder) -- you don't like being played?!!! haha. seriously, haven't you ever played? lahat naman ata eh. at some point. yun nga lang di natin sinasadya. fishes (it's smelly and messy) -- hm... yeah. but it's ok for me. wag lang akong matutusok nung mga fins. ouch!
...when i have to commute and it's sooo hot (irritating) -- haha. welcome to the Phils!
...waiting in line (boring) -- for what? ako ok lang if it's for something good, and if someone i know is in the line with me and we can talk.
...waiting in general (too boring) -- ayaw mo pala ng boring eh bakit friends tayo?
...a bad company (get me outta here!!!) -- oh yes. the proverbial slut, angsty, konyotik, mayabang person. either one or all of them in one.
...traffic (leg hurts) -- that's coz u'r the one who's driving.
...a bad hair day (big no no!!!) -- *lol* i imagine you would be. but me, i just tie it up.
...when i'm sore (it's painful) -- coz of what?! *lol* lahat naman tayo ata. cept for the masochists.
...when i yell (but still, can't help it) -- yeah, me as well. kakaguilty pa.
...when i'm bored (i get sad) -- i sleep when i'm bored. though, i can't sleep in class.
...when i can't think (it stresses me out) -- haven't met a person who can't think. maybe if you cannot find the words or answers, you mean.
...when i'm pressured (i can't think) -- ah! and the plot thickens. pressure + pressure = can't think.
...threats (as if..) -- *lol* yeah, as if nga. though, it will also depend on the threat and who's making it. now, if it was my mom who's threatening (and sadly for me, Tony), talo ako dun.
...fights (too tiring) -- hah! sinabi mo... kainis di ba?! la namang pupuntahan.
...physical fights (i don't really hit) -- hate it. you can scarcely imagine how much i do hate it.
...word fights (not really my thing) -- hay... this one, too.
...personal dramas (can't we just be happy?) -- we can't. that's the rule of life.

there's a lot more actually. i know "hate" is a strong word, but that's how i put it.

and most importantly...

i hate it when i have no control over things... (don't you hate it too???) -- as i've said, rule of life.

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