Monday, September 17, 2007

Spanish Lessons with Jose Luis


need i say more?


ok. actually, it's nice that he's our professor. with Lola, it was fun. With Jose, it was browbeat, study-til-u-drop kind. That is if you wouldn't want him to comment or "Naku, patay.""Susginoo" when you answer his questions. Si Jose marunong palang managalog, pinahihirapan pa kami. *lol*

when he enters the room, he starts asking you questions like what time you come in, have you eaten, what you ate, where you ate, how you came (LRT, bus, walked), what was your course in college, where you studied...

you may think that these are easy questions, but try it in spanish! especially if you do not know the translation in english yet. The verbs and their conjugations. And I get the questions mixed up, like COMO, QUE, DONDE, CUANTO... they're actually easy, but since he surprises you, you end up blank! With him, you'll never know who's next. one moment it was the farthest guy on your right, then on your left, then you. And he always asks questions. He never spoonfeeds. And to learn, i believe that is the right way to do it.

My notes look like garbage coz I scribble everything... With Lola, I was OC coz i write with red and black pen, now, I can't even write nicely coz there are a lot of things you can learn from him.

Grabe, ang dami kong mistakes... Friday was a huge mess. I ended up being the silent one in class. But, I didn't say that I am quitting... nasanay lang kami kay Lola who's mabait and patient. But we're learning a lot from Jos, and with Lola it's informal. With Jose, we use formal.

Anyway, kanina I was logging into AVE (Aula Virtual Español) and I was thinking like "mamaya na nga to, aral muna ako past lesson".... hay... alala ko, Monday lang nga pala ngayon at bukas pa pasok ko! Engot to the max.


or in their terms

*tranquilo, tranquilo.*

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