Wednesday, October 17, 2007

dausdos no more

years after, i decided to change my blog address. and when i checked now, Dausdos is now some pilates website. Que horror!!! =)

santuariodemicorazon is more meaningful for me... my life in a nutshell... my hopes and dreams.. my life and death... my tears and laughters... my heart's sanctuary, indeed.

=================== and to rant for a while...

i have been a blogger for years now... i don't make money out of it like some people do. yes, i comment to posts... saying things like i've been there, done that. and i've learned that it wasn't true. i might have crossed the same path, but i never was there.

over the years, i learned that there are posts that i shouldn't comment on, except when i was personally invited to view it, or if i thought that my experience could help.

but still, there are still some people who's born to make other people's life a mockery. and i have met another one of them on this blog.

i know that there are people who can relate to some of my posts. thinking that they 'know' what i am talking about and what i'm feeling. let me enlighten you--nobody but me, really does.

you can tell me things. you can try to convince me. but you won't succeed. because your problems? they might have been greater than mine. but, i really doubt it. and i am not about to tell you why. let's just say, i am still happy that i am not you. coz you are the weakest person i have ever came across with.

my pain is not yours. my joy is not yours. you will never know.

don't tell me that you went through the same thing. you haven't. even twins do not have the same emotions at the same time.

you cannot judge me for what you have read here or there. you cannot tell me that i was a no-good friend. you were not there.

you can comment all you want, tell me your own sob story, but you cannot judge me. Nobody should. This is my blog. even if this is public, you should respect it. if you have things on your mind, if you feel like your story is worth-telling, go make yourself a blog! Rant all you want. Criticize me all you want. It's gonna be your blog, and i won't care. That's one of the reason's why i have a blog... aside from the fact that it helps me and it heals me... i wanna have an avenue to say things that's on my mind. so, why are there people who doesn't have a blog, but who comments like they own mine?

As far as I know, you're just some crazy old hag who doesn't know what to do with her life. you said you're happy now? asus! you're still bitter! read your comments! bitterness all over! you're not happy! you're campaigning against other women's happiness.

tanga man kami, we admit that we're still humane. that we still honor our commitment of 'for better or for worse'. it's not like our ex-husbands raped our daughters or fucked with the maid. maybe yours did. we don't know! and we don't care! we're not friends anyway. as for me, you're just a lonely fucked-up woman who's so sick and tired of being husband-less that you want everyone else to be like you. (pity)

and before anyone else comments, think level-headedly. 'mum' is the word.

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