Tuesday, October 02, 2007

perdí a amigos hoy

Super word for word translation. =)

Yes, I lost friends today. People I thought were real... Those I thought truly cared. Those who do not speak ill of me. Those who do not blatantly lie to my face.

Yes, I lost friends today. But I am sure I will find many more. Not to replace the ones I lost, but to comfort me through all the pain... to see that life is still worth living... and that there are true people worth trusting.

Yes, I lost friends today. But I found my family. I found my mom. I found myself.

Tomorrow is a brighter day. A promise of truth and leaving behind all the lies.


Yipee! I passed an exam to become America's Next Top Model a business transcriptionist trainee. The training will be on Monday, for 13 days. If I pass, I go directly to work for a transcription company where we will transcribe voicemail messages. Like a call center, without all the talking. A dream come true for some. Haha.

Anyway, before I left, the manager of the school told me that I had the highest score for all the tests. Galing ko di ba?! Joke!

So, this means that Nivel 3 might be my last. =( But I wish I can continue studying Spanish in the future... but for now, I have to prioritize this one. I don't wanna waste an opportunity. =)


  1. you are not a good friend. if you are you would understand your friend and not just listen to your mother.

  2. i guess i'm not. but at least i'm a good daughter. and in this world, there can only be one mother and marami pang pwedeng maging friends na iba. yung hindi sinungaling. yung pangangahalagahan yung friendship. and understanding goes both ways. sana din she understood me, before they both started texting me and accusing me of bad things.

    well anyway, i don't owe you an explanation. but since i'm a nice person, there you are. haha.