Tuesday, November 20, 2007

historias a decir

almost a week of being silent... =)

no me siento bien. tenía gripe... tengo una tos terrible!

yan na yung short story.

kasi it was a busy week... tapos lagi pang naulan sa hapon... malamig pa sa Waltermart, ang aming bagong tambayan ng nanay ko. We found out na yung sinehan sa Waltermart ay parang mas ok pa sa Glorietta. Napanood na namin ang The Game Plan, Beowulf, and One More Chance (yes, and it's my mom's choice, not mine) dun... Medyo complete na rin naman dun... may Robinson's, Jollibee, Starbucks...

I also attended the orientation/seminar for the volunteer thing in Don Bosco with my niece, Aileen. 1-7pm yun, and it was very informative. We learned a lot. There were different areas to choose from--Adult services, food, raffle, registration, clowns... but, we chose to be Caregivers on December 2. Actually, I wanted to be in the easier areas, but my niece wanted to be a Caregiver, for her to really experience it daw. Exciting! I just hope the kids that will be assigned to us will not be any trouble than what I go through with Dale everyday. and if caregiving proves to be difficult, then we'll go to different areas next year. that is, if I can do it again next year. *hahaha*

If you are serious with volunteering, there is a program for it, you will be trained for 10 Sundays, then your culminating activity is an all-expenses paid trip to Vigan in April to be a caregiver as well, for their Summer Camp. And hindi siya basta-basta ha... ang tindi ng selection process nila. As in.

anyway, back to being sick... the last straw, i guess, was when Ronald picked us up last Sunday from Harrison... Mom, Anea, and I were there to do some shopping for school supplies, and while Mom was in the Chapel to hear Mass, Anea and I decided to try out Goldilock's Decorate a cake promo. It costs 50 bucks only, with the following items:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

and this is how my cake turned out:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

yes, it was lopsided. and it wouldn't pass Heny Sison's standards, but at least it's still pretty. *hehe*

anea's turned out okay (okay, it didn't! mana siya sa dad niya... haha.), she made her icing pink! which i didn't think of. i wasn't able to take a picture of it, though. i'd love to do that again some time.

entonces, we did some shopping again after (no, we are not rich or people who shops coz we're bored... we just need to restock some necessities)... i was pagod, and then super lamig sa car (#1 lang yun)... i woke up at 2AM shivering already. nilalagnat na ko.

i wasn't supposed to go to class today, kaso lang i thought i'm gonna be absent na on Thursday coz we have a conference with Dale's teachers that day. pero naalala ko, my class is now in the morning! hah! i forgot.. dati kasi hapon ang class ko and hapon din ang conference. so, i guess i can come to class pa rin, but i have to go directly to Dale's school after.

bueno, i was in class today... my prof was like "oh... pobresita....
¿tomó vitamina C?"

i'm beginning to wonder if my pipes are starting to bleed already, coz it hurts a lot... as in... hirap magsalita... ¡qué terrible!

yes, i'm taking in vitamin C--all natural. tons of Dalandan juice and eating lots of Ponkan. coz i hate pills! i've been taking pills ever since i can remember. everyone here is also coughing badly, already. at least Tony's nose is not bleeding anymore. it did, twice, kasi. buti na lang ako lang yung nilagnat... sila kasi ubo at sipon lang.

what bums me is that the PC is busted! again. hah! kainis. kasi it means that they are gonna use my laptop. eh takot ko nga kanina coz when i turned it on, tumunog pa... kala ko kung ano na... at ayaw pang mag-charge! kinabahan talaga ako... i tried it on a different socket, nagcharge naman siya. hm... ano naman kayang sumpong meron to.

what's nice naman is that I got my kid's report cards already... and the surprise was Tony's. From last quarter's Top 10 slot, he's now in Top 3.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

ang laki ng tinaas niya, huh! Siya din ang Outstanding student sa Filipino. It wasn't enough to earn him a place in the honor roll, but it's enough for us. To think that we thought he'll have a hard time coz he doesn't know how to read yet when he enrolled.

Anea, is still Top 1. She went up from being 5th Honor, to 4th. Pareho sila ng bestfriend niyang si Jude. Kasama na siya sa Excellence Exam for honors next quarter. At least she'll have a place in the roll when she graduates from Elementary. We are hoping that she goes up pa rin.. mataas akong mangarap eh. *haha*

Sad was Dale's. Hay... first time niyang magkaron ng 77. Both in Filipino and Sibika. Syempre naman... Tagalog subjects. He hates it daw. All of his grades bumaba coz of his tantrums the past few weeks. Hindi siya nagsusulat, nakikinig... Kanina when we were studying for his long test this quarter, hindi niya talaga naiintindihan mga sinasabi ko in Tagalog. Hindi ko tuloy siya masisi bakit puro pasang awa mga exams niya sa Tagalog subjects niya. So, kanina, i was translating everything we were reading. I was also correcting his pronunciation and intonation. He was reading Tagalog words kasi like in English eh... he's super slang. I just wish that he does better this quarter.

well, then.... stories are done... i have to go back to sleep now... Grrr! i can't talk! ouch!

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