Sunday, November 25, 2007

why daughters get in trouble with their mothers...

papunta kami ng Waltermart kahapon, at bago pumasok, sabi ko kay Anea:

"Anak, this might be the most important lesson a mother can give to her child--do not enter in the door marked as EXIT, and do not go out of the door marked ENTRANCE. Wag kang gagaya sa Lola mo, para may smooth flow sa Pilipinas."

nung papasok kami ng supermarket and we have to leave our baggages in the baggage counter, I was looking somewhere else while falling in line, so, I wasn't paying attention, thus:

"Mommy, this might be the most important lesson a daughter can give to a mother--do not leave your baggages in the CLAIM section..."

my killer stare made her stop talking.

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