Monday, December 10, 2007

confessions of a Starbucks junkie.

i like coffee. i like it in the morning. i like it at night. i rarely like it in between. so, instead of hot coffee, i take fraps.

but with all the poor children in the streets... all the beggars asking for pennies... the rising expenses for my medicines... gasoline... food... bills... i can't find it in myself to go inside Starbucks everytime I see one. Ergo, in all the years that they offered the planner, I have had it only once. And it is when Ronald helped me fill up my card by having their office meeting there. 13 stickers all at once. Hooray for me.

But yesterday, I went to SM Manila to buy something, coz I couldn't find it in Makati, and there was Starbucks. Ooh.

Inner Self: control yourself, coffee freak.

I went to National, SM, and all the different stores there, and purchased my items. And when I was on my way home, there it was again. Starbucks was calling me in. Making me drool.

One step closer. Two. Yes, sometimes, I have no self-control.

"tall toffee nut latte frap, please."

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