Tuesday, December 04, 2007

i'm not weird. i'm just different sometimes.

gaya-gaya ako kay Ian.

nothing really weird. just that when i'm watching a movie alone, and I have a burger (chicken) and fries... I put my fries inside my burger before I eat it. I rarely do it when I'm with friends coz they might think I'm weird. Is that weird? =)

I collect turtles. But, if it's floating in the ditch, I'm sorry, if I don't have anything to catch it with (if it's alive), then I'd let it drown. Poor thing. I only have one live turtle. Others are stuffed, others are jewelry pieces.

Yes, I can't swim. Literally. I'm claustrophobic. I'm afraid of sharks. Of jellyfish. I like looking at the sea, though.

I've driven a car twice. No, I don't have a license. Do not wonder why.

I've been decorating our Xmas tree for as long as I can remember.

I have not worn proper shoes for super long. Always sandals and flip-flops.

Malamigin ako. Simula ngayong tag-lamig, I cannot watch a movie without a jacket on. My teeth will chatter.

The farthest place I've been from home was Cebu.

I believe that Amici de Don Bosco's chocolate with nuts gelatto and Pasta Montanara are like drugs. They're addictive. Like laced brownies. *jajaja*

I hate pills. All of them. Coz I have to take them.

Kinalbo ako nung bata ako. My mom was razor-happy in the late 70's. Or whoever did shave my head.

I did not study really well coz I'm tamad. Ask anyone. Major tamad. So, all the medals were products of genes, not hard work.

Since I'm tamad, I rarely clean my room. But when I do, it's like I renovated.

I learned to eat Kare-kare because of Ronald.

I eat pancit, but not the laman. Noodles lang. Ronald eats them for me. There are a lot of things that I don't eat, that he does. So there. Just imagine what we're like when we're together sa handaan.

I hate super loud music, yung walang sense yung lyrics, at puro sigaw.

Pag nagustuhan ko yung kanta, I play that over and over hanggang magsawa tenga ko.

Pangit ako pag gising. Super pangit ako pag tulog. I snore when I'm tired, too. I even talk. I don't walk though. Unlike Anea who sleepwalked once.

I have Ian for a friend. Major weird, huh? *jajajaja* Peace tayo! Text mo ko for Amici.

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