Friday, December 07, 2007

the quest for a planner

yes. a planner. a simple diary for everyday notes. 2008 na kasi eh.

Starbucks? Pwede. Kaso lang, magastos. 24 drinks. Ngayon, kung may mabait na magbibigay... *hehehe*

Belle de Jour? Pwede. Kaso lang, masyadong girlie.

National Bookstore generic? Mura nga, kaso lang... Kakasawa eh. Too impersonal.

Ergo, I made one for myself via Pagemaker. Simple. Clean. In white bond paper. In spanish, mind. With spanish idioms. I uploaded a couple of nice fonts to use. And it turned out okay. Now, I just need to have it binded somewhere.

It's clean now. Let's wait til I get to use it. *haha*

(may picture sana to... kaso lang, nagloloko ang panglipat ko ng picture: Micro SD card from my cel, read via my mp3 player with Micro SD slot) Kaya, imaginin niyo na lang hitsura ng malinis kong planner.

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