Thursday, December 27, 2007

what happened during the Holidays

put up the tree with Tony. Dale was in charge of the star.

accompanied Mom when she bought her new N70.

bought gifts for family and friends with Mom (and sometimes, Anea and the kids).

finished Level 4. Failed the exam, but passed the Level. Galing, di ba... hehe.

met with my classmates at Greenhills for dinner. Was stuck with Jaime (a classmate), drunk (he, not me), in the MRT. Oh, God. Don't ask what happened.

met with Erika, Dan, Moe, Bon, and Chito... ate at Bubba Gump. Met with Ronald and the kids after to buy the kids' new clothes. Ate at KRs.

bought a lantern with Mom and Nald.

went to my Tito's house in Cavite, stayed there the whole day.

celebrated Dale's birthday, both at school and at home.

made some Christmas decorations (balls and paint and glitter)

completed the 9-day 4am mass (simbang gabi).

went to Ela's baptism and saw my relatives, including Chits who came home this year.

went to Ronald's friend's son's (whew) birthday party at KRs. yes, sinama niya kami. aba... hehe.

received lots of presents... and comments!

spent Christmas eve with my family and relatives.

went online and chatted with Dad.

chatted with someone who suddenly remembered me because of DSL, and told me to stop wearing glasses. duh?! Vic, bulag ako pag alang glasses. Wait til i get contacts ulit.

overslept, forgot and was not able to go to Church on Christmas Day. yes, i felt so bad. don't rub it in.

watched Enteng Kabisote with the whole family. yes, including Bea. Oops... excluding Keith and Eka coz they weren't at home that time.

Today, watched Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo with my Mom, Anea, and my mom's friend. Ate at Amici, then at Starbucks, then had juice from Naked. Anea bought me some shades. We bought some toys for the two kulits.

Dale slipped, banged his chin on the stairs and got a bad booboo... aw... it looked so bad in person. it's swollen. i thought he lost his tooth. the inside was clipped as well. f***.

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whew! i think that sums it up... i'm sure i forgot a lot of things to include here. i think i had only 2 or 3 free days from the 2nd of week of December til today.

i am sooooooo tired. so tired, that i spent Christmas eve injecting myself with Recormon, lying down, gettin up again, and downing myself in herbs. so tired, that my brother and sister-in-law and my mom started fussing over me and talking about transplants. wah!!!

but, i'm a lot better now. i told them to take it easy with all the fuss. anyone who got 3 hours of sleep for 10 days straight will feel freaky tired like me, too. no biggie.

anyway, the rush is over... New Year's is not so tiresome in our house. I can breathe normally now. =)

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