Wednesday, January 16, 2008

bantay nanay 164

yep. there should also be one. that is, if you have Tony and Dale as your children. These two love to "hurt" me, and they thought that it's a kind of "lambing". There were countless times that Ronald would get mad upon seeing marks on my legs. He would ask about them coz he said people might think that he was the one doing it.

The last time was two days ago, and Dale was the culprit. He spanked me a lot eventhough i was telling him to stop already coz it hurts and I was sure that it would have a mark na. And I was right. A big bruise came out after a few hours. Dale was so sad after and kissed it and said he was sorry.

Hay... I dunno. Mom said I should be more firm with my children. That I should spank them from time to time. But I can't find it in myself to do that. I'll take it as long as I can take it. I thought they should be responsible for their actions, that they will learn. They learn naman, yun nga lang, minsan it's a little late already. Yun nga... may malaking pasa na... to my expense.

Anyway, today I accompanied Mom to the hospital. She will undergo a surgery to remove her gall bladder, have gastroscopy and colonoscopy na rin. She asked me to go home for the meantime coz the procedure will be tomorrow at 1pm pa. A lot of doctors came to see her, coz last time she was there, she didn't go through the operation and made "takas" out of the hospital. Now, the doctors were "guarding" her... we, her children, almost chained her to the bed.

She was sooooo kulit, the doctors were all laughing. One even said "Meron pa po ba kayong tanong, kasi palabas na po ako, baka meron pa?" She had gazillions of questions kasi. *hehe*

She wanted me to go home coz her room was only semi-private without a TV and she wants me to watch all the teleseryes from Channel 2 so I can tell her all about it daw tomorrow. God help me. =)

my cousin-in-law's work was recognized and was used as a photo for a feature online story. See it here. Congrats, padyak! Gleng-gleng.

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