Sunday, January 06, 2008


i have been wondering where all the guys that go and those that immediately ask me if "i've got cam" came from... see the picture above? that's me, acting the word "shocked." i've been receiving a minimum of 2 messages a day. and i mean, everyday! i have been frowning at the thought that my identity has been compromised. yeah, right. as if i was hiding or anything.

until one man, sent me an email. a very interesting email, i might add. and he mentioned my blog. it made me think. and it made me look at my stats. Aba. 2,670 visitors. marami-rami na rin. And I never thought that a lot of them have been really reading my stuff. How did I know? I forgot I had a tracker. hehe. So, I checked my stats.

A lot of page views, but there were definitely a handful of visitors who really took the time out to read. An hour. Two. Sometimes exiting to my archives. And then, there were a lot who exited through my yahoo link.

that's when i said "i had a dog, and his name was BINGO!"

So, that's where they all came from.

It's a little ironic that my readers mostly came from the States, and just a fraction came from here. I guess I am such a bore according to my fellow Filipinos. anyhoo...

To the guy from Long Beach, I hope you're not my silly cousin who likes to play--thank you.

To everyone in some school in LA, kisses to you, little kids, or big ones, maybe your teachers, i'm not sure. Please don't do drugs.

To you San Diego guy, whoever
you are. Yeah, i think you're one person coz you have the same IP address, who made 5 visits in one day.
To someone from Sinai in Baltimore, check on your patient, please.

And to everyone else, coz I couldn't remember where you all came from, a super THANKS.

I didn't know that I could reach that many people even in a small way. I hope that I didn't bore all of you with too much information about myself. It has been a blast receiving words of encouragement, promises of a dream vacation in Italy, Dubai, and all the Asian countries, including my own. Being called sexy, pretty, beautiful, wonderful, etc. are so well-appreciated. Yes, some, well, most have been seriously perverted (remind me to take off my yahoo link), but thank you just the same. I am sorry that I do not reply to your messages.

To be honest, when your email address contains any of the words HOT, DADDY, MOMMA, LONG, STICK, 69, GENETICIST, or anything related to the word RAPE, please, do not waste your time to send me messages. Especially if the first thing that jumps out from your keyboard is "hey. do you have cam?". My ignore list is getting too long.

I am open to friendships ONLY. I just have to make that clear to everyone. The things I previously wrote are (or so i thought they were) literary pieces and not advertisements. I am very sorry for the misunderstanding.

Again, THANK YOU, for the kind people who reads my stuff. God bless you.

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