Monday, January 14, 2008

the tale of the itchy allergy

When we got home yesterday from a scheduled lunch date with the clan, i found Anton with face rashes across his cheeks. He is very prone to allergies, kasi. The problem is, we can't figure out what he's allergic to. Like yesterday, I asked him what he ate, and he said peanut butter and milo. Eh, he's been taking peanut butter and milo naman dati pa. Grr...

ME: Baby, makati? Kasi wala ka ng medicine, para bibili na ko.

TONY: Hindi naman. We watched TV. Around 9:30, he began asking for food.

TONY: Ma, gutom pa ko. (scratch... scratch...)

ME: (natatawa) pero di makati mukha mo?

TONY: Hindi naman. (scratch... scratch...)

He looked adorable unknowingly scratching his face.
Of course, I got up and bought his medicine na immediately, before it got any worse. Pobresito...

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