Sunday, May 18, 2008

i'm tired.

i haven't blogged for a while. yes, because i'm tired. I have been in the hospital since Tuesday, and I have been pricked by all kinds of needles, big and small, everyday. These treatments do not just cost so much money, but they take everything away from me. I feel so tired, helpless, and on the verge of tears. Not to mention the pressure I feel whenever people around me cry or worry. I cannot blame them for feeling so. Money is really a problem. Three days here, and already, it wiped out our bank account. The money that was supposed to be for the transplant is now gone. We're now in the mercy of our relatives who are willing to loan us the money for the transplant.

But I have to be strong not just for me, but especially for my kids and my family. So even if the nurses here just hold my hand during treatments, they just ask me to cry all the way so I can get it off my system, I still control my emotions. Afterwards, I just fall asleep because I just feel so drained.

There are a lot of people getting sick nowadays, especially with their kidneys. So, please, be careful with your health. Don't eat junk anymore, less salt, no colas, less meat. Pray whenever you can. This... what I am going through, is no joke at all. This is the first time that I felt so lost.

God bless us all.

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