Monday, May 26, 2008

tomorrow is the day

We found a donor that matches. He's been tested for so many things already, and this was all done since Friday til today. Madalian talaga! We bypassed a lot of protocols just to get this over with. Buti na lang sobrang alaga din ako ng mga tao dito sa NKTI.

My surgeon is currently the Chief of the hospital, Dr. Ona. I have the best team handling my case, including my ever so bait nephrologist, Dr. Pamugas, and Hema, Dr. Baylon.

I am currently immuno-suppressed, so I cannot receive visitors as much as possible. After the operation, everyone is required to wear masks when visiting.

I am scheduled for my kidney transplant tomorrow, May 27, 7AM. Please, please offer a prayer for the success of this operation at sana di na siya ma-reject ever. I'm so kaba na!

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