Sunday, June 01, 2008

Day 5

wala akong Days 1-4! haha.

Nway, the kidney transplant went well. Everything was tolerable naman. I have been in the hospital for 3 weeks now. Bummer. My kids have not seen me in that long time. Dale is already furious. Saying things like I am a liar, and I always extend my stay.

The first almost 2 weeks were for the plasmapheresis treatments. It was so tiring and literally draining. But I can now say that it was really worth it.

I was operated on May 27th, a tuesday. I consider that date as my 2nd birthday now. It's cute coz my original birthday is March 27.

That day, the pre-op procedures were also kainis. A lot of injections, skin tests, even beeing given a fleet enema. whoa!

When I was already in the OR, I even saw my donor being started on. Then a nurse or a doctor injected something that made me sleep. I woke up in the recovery room, shiverring cold, naked, covered with a blanket, with a cathether, an IV, and an epidural catheter on my back. yes. a plastic needle inserted in my back. I started feeling drowsy, and I think I just blurted out, "malamig!" and "nasusuka po ako.." before everything went awful. I started vomitting. Luckily, everyone there were extremely kind. They started taking blood, from my foot! That time, it wasn't that hurtful coz I still am on anesthesia. But they couldn't find a bigger vein, so they took it directly from my artery (pulse). and it hurt like h*ll!

I was transferred to the ICU. It was a little cool coz they have this computer where the bp-taking machine is attached. It takes my BP automatically, oh, i think about every 30 mins. ICU personnel, my personal nurse were very kind as well. They covered me with a blanket-like thingie, which is made of a shiny aluminum like material that they attach to a machine which gives heat. So, i stopped shivering. But everyone started coming in and checked on me coz my BP dropped to 80/60. And when that happens, blood does not flow to the new kidney. I was given more medicines, and transfused 2 bags of washed-up blood.

3 AM the next day, I was given a cleaning, which was very soothing talaga. Nawala ang lagkit. I was transferred to my room in the afternoon. That room pala had a busted aircon so I was transferred to another room.

Days 1 - 2 of recovery were very hard for me. I couldn't sleep because vital signs were taken every hour. The catheter was drained as well. If you have been operated on and had been inserted a catheter, you'll know what I mean. I was also being tested every day, blood is being taken from my foot. Very uncomfortable. I was given IV injections, and oral, too. The good news was my creatinine levels were already normal, Day 1. Other patients even leave the hospital with still elevated creatinine.

I started feeling very good on the 3rd day. I slept great. I got used to the catheter. But the epidural catheter on my back was starting to get on my nerves.

Last night it was taken out by the anes. I was laughing coz he was removing the tape on my back and I was ticklish. Before he removed it, he gave me my last epidural shot. It felt cold on my back, but he was right. It didn't hurt. Even when he removed the plastic needle. Now I can sit without worrying if I will damage my spine or something, coz I can feel it sticking in my back.

So now, my IV is removed, too. But I still have the needle on me, in case I am in pain, they could still inject pain killers. But honestly, I think I have high pain tolerance coz I don't really went into so much pain. The air inside is more uncomfortable and it hurts, too. I had to place a hot water bottle on my tummy everytime for the first 3 days.

Later, the catheter (sonda, as they call it) will be removed as well. Hallelujah! I can now walk to the CR, and not do my stuff on the commode near my bed. But of course, I know removing it will be painful. I have been on catheters whenever I give birth.

I still have fluid coming out of my wound. Oh, I forgot to mention I have a drain sticking out of my side near my wound. it's a small plastic round thingie that's shaped like a granade with a tube. they drain the water coming out of there from time to time. And since I still have fluid coming out, I still cannot go home yet, according to the surgeon. But if I want daw, I can leave it there for the meantime, and when there's no more fluid, I can go back and have it removed. Ew.

Anyway, my wound is about, i think, 4 inches long. sideways. a little low.

So there. That, i think, was almost everything.

Thanks to everyone who wished and prayed for the success of my transplant. Kudos to the whole medical team (grabe, dami nila talaga. surgeons palang, 3 na.) And I have the best team. Very professional and caring for their patient.

Super thanks to my family. Kung wala sila, wala ako. My parents, my brothers and sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews, kids, and Ronald. Also Manang who took care of me here and my kids at home.

My relatives... who chipped in, who sent us financial help and loaned us money... thanks sobra.

Ang Peel Here at Mahiwagang Daliri team who were so concerned. When I finally got to read my text messages, I felt that I was so loved pa din pala.

and Thank God for giving me a second lease in life.

Hay. tataba na ko ulit! I'm on steroids! Wah! I need to exercise! Hehe. So shallow ng concern.

Again, thanks!!! God bless.

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