Wednesday, June 04, 2008

i'm home!

yey! i'm finally home. my doctors gave me the A-Ok two days ago. the last thing that the surgeons took out was the Jackson-Pratt drain, or JP as they call it. It looks like this:

i thought that the tube inside me was like about only an inch or two, but when they pulled it out, well, i almost screamed. it was like 5 - 7 in long inside. Sorta like you're being pulled an intestine. Buti na lang, matapang pa ko. Haha.

When I got here, I wanted soooo much to embrace my kids. But I have to be very careful talaga. Everything is back to normal, sort of.

I can't go out even for church for 3 mos. The only time that I have to go out is for weekly check-ups and labtests. The mall, I can maybe go to in 6 mos (tamang-tama for Christmas!). Everything depends on how well I am recovering, and that will be determined with the labtests. I have to wear a mask for a year. Especially when I go out. Of course, I take it out when I'm taking a bath or eating. Haha. But yeah, even in my sleep I wear one. That's to ward off any infections.

I have 10 kinds of pills, and I take about 22 pills in a day. I have to eat a lot of protein now, coz I'm on steroids and it breaks down the protein in your body. When the steroids are lesser, then I have to lay off the meat na rin.

I now weigh around 109 pounds. For those that know, I normally weigh around 125-130. But ideally for my height, I have to be 115. Wish ko lang di magbloat yung face ko, or magmukha na naman akong monster because of the steroids. Ok lang sa kin tumaba, pero yung tabang normal. Ngayon, I look really sick coz I dont have an ounce of muscle on me. Laylay lahat. My ribs are showing. Yuck.

Next step daw when I'm all better is my arm. I have a fistula on my right arm, and because of this, the vein keeps on getting bigger. In time, it will hurt. And if I ever get a cut there, they said I'll die in 2 minutes because of blood loss. So, ayun. Maybe next year na lang. or after 6 months. Hay! It's another operation noh! Kahit na minor yun, it can also be stressful.

I can tolerate the pain, kasi nga matiisin ako. Alam niyo naman yun. Haha. But yesterday was a different story. Haha. I finally took my first painkiller. Pano, pinagpapawisan ako sa sakit.

Now, I can go up the stairs. I can sit for a little longer than 30 minutes. But I still rest talaga. Just lie down in my bed, read a book, listen to my mp3, or pray the rosary.

My kids are keeping me crazy daily. I have to just close my eyes to control my temper. My Mom checks on the kids from time to time lalo na pag nagaaway na sila. Dale cannot seem to get into his head that he cannot lie on top of me, or cuddle with me just yet. But Tony is ever so careful. He sat beside me last night and asked if he could embrace me a little, so I gave in, pero sa left side.

Last night, I suddenly thought of their old school notebooks. I asked Manang to take them out. Naisip ko kasi sayang yung mga unused pages, so I took them out. Siguro nakuha ko, worth mga 5 notebooks pa. I plan to make something out of it, like nice new notebooks din to write down important things. Lalagyan ko na lang designs.

Now, I'm downloading audio rosary prayers, lalagay ko sa mp3 ko para when I pray, may sinasabayan na lang ako, instead of reading the mysteries from my little kodigo. Di ko po kasi saulo yung mysteries. Haha. Ilang taon na kong nagdadasal ng rosary, di ko talaga siya masaulo.

Nway, that's it for now. Thanks again for those who prayed and sent their well-wishes. I'm still praying for my recovery and good health beyond my transplant. I'm also praying for all of you guys, and my donor, Geronimo CaƱa, Jr. Without him, I won't be here. Please include him in your prayers, too. Thanks!

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