Monday, October 27, 2008

Biset na fabric conditioner....!

i let Anea change her brothers' bedsheet while Tony was in the room. After that, they took a bath. He started sneezing right after... got teary-eyed... scratched his neck... and coughed. Yep, that fast.

uh-oh. i noticed right away that something is wrong. They've done that chore naman before and nothing went wrong. when i also changed my blanket, i noticed the (actually not nice) smell, saka ko naisip kung ano yung dahilan. Manang used fabric conditioner on it pala. di ko siya nasabihan na bawal. She used it on the sheets AND the towels.

Hay.... Tony is sick again.

I had to ask Mom to take Dale up with her to sleep tonight. Kagagaling lang ng sakit ni Dale and I don't want him to get sick din.

I had to replenish his allergy meds right away para di na lumala. Can't not give him some coz i think it's not gonna go away if I don't. We all know when he's coming down with something coz of his eyes. It gets puffy and red, and so sad.

sigh... sana bukas wala na... vacation pa naman.

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