Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dale's little accident, and his classmate's soon-to-be big accident. (joke!)

Dale is special.

He talks a little faster than most kids.
He is afraid of the dark.
He is scared of the rain.
He hates trees.
He stares at nothing when boredom strikes.
He hums.

He tells me that his brain works differently.

Dale is special.

And I won't have him any other way.

I just wish that other people accepts him the way I do.

Dale woke up yesterday, and couldn't stand up straight. Couldn't walk properly. I saw his left knee was a little bigger than the other one. When I asked him, he said he didn't know what happened.

Tonight, it's still the same. My Mom will take him to the doctor tomorrow to have it checked.

I asked him again what happened to it. He then said:

"Can we talk in private?"

Jaw-dropped, I carried him to the other room so we can talk "in private."

He said that everyday, his classmate, a certain Clyde fights him (karate) during the assembly.

What he said made my blood boil. I asked him what exactly did this Clyde do to him. He became confused and irritated and said he doesn't remember exactly what happens everyday, but since Clyde attacks him, he has to block it.

I asked him if it hurts, the way Clyde attacks him, he said yes. He also mentioned two other boys who bullies him, and two girls from another section, who tripped him twice during recess, and almost made him drop his food.

Yes, Clyde is just a kid, but it doesn't stop me from being angry. Today, it might just be a sprained knee, but what about tomorrow then? Will I wait for him to have his neck broken?

I am freaking angry. Not just with him, or with their teacher, or with everybody at school. I am angry at everything. At Dale's situation. At the unfairness of it all.

When will it all stop?

I'm going to school tomorrow, and I wish that I can control my temper. But, by God, I will all make them sorry they ever messed with my son.

I do teach my children to fight for themselves. Not "fight" fight. But to stand up. Be taken seriously. "No" means no. But obviously, Dale cannot do it yet. So, I have to do it for him.

He told me not to get angry tomorrow. He is afraid that it will cause the bullies to bully him even more.

As I was helping him walk to the room, I told him:

"Get just one hair from those idiots, and i'll make them pa-barang."

He laughed. I said, "what's so funny? I mean it."

"Oh, Mom. You're so funny."

As if he knew what barang meant. Haha.

No, of course, I didn't mean it. I don't know anyone who knows how to kasi. *laughing maniacally*

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