Wednesday, October 08, 2008

hay salamat...

I had an allergy attack two weeks ago after eating at the SM foodcourt, and then the next day after eating tulingan... yeah, yeah... i didn't know that I wasn't supposed to eat protein daw 48 hours after an allergy attack... Nway, that was the worst feeling ever... like my heart was going to explode! And yung nakakatakot was, my new kidney was twitching the whole time. Super takot ko talaga.

Nway, I now have a new bestfriend, and her name is Claritin. =)

after that gruesome two-day allergy, my creatinine levels went up. I became so worried coz the doctor said I will have to be confined again to pump me with steroids, as if I haven't had enough of those! And of course, that will mean gastos na naman. Still, money that we don't have to spare. Monthly medicines ko na lang, hirap na eh. And sobrang mahal magpa-aral talaga ngayon huh?! Grabe, my kids are always bringing letters and solicitations and projects to buy. Almost everyday na lang... So, sana yung mga babies pa lang ang mga anak or yung mga wala pang anak, mag-ipon na kayo ngayon pa lang. Haha.

Hay! Hirap ng naka-steroids noh... I can't sleep right, I can't eat right (i now eat a lot because of it, but i'm learning to control it na.), and mabigat talaga siya sa katawan! Daming nasakit minsan, mga pricks and such... Minsan masakit sa likod. And madali akong mapagod sometimes, sometimes para akong naka-shabu at walang kapaguran. Wala pa dun yung fact na nakakapangit siya! Haha. Can't wait for it to be taken off my list.

Anyway, the doctor's secretary texted me today with the results. My creatinine levels are back to normal. Thank God!

I think one of the reasons it went back agad was that we went to Greenbelt for the healing mass and the lady told me that Tony asked na gumaling na daw sana ang mommy niya may sakit sa kidney. Ain't he sweet?

Last night he had a nightmare and when I comforted him, he hugged me a lot and kissed me over and over. It is so unlike him, coz you would literally have to pay him just to get a hug and a kiss. Haha! He wouldn't tell me what the nightmare was about, though. Even when his tears subsided.

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