Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nosebleeding sa Crepes 'n Cream (MOA)

We went to MOA for a much-needed pasyal with the kids. Before we went home, we went to Crepes n Cream and bought crepes.

Anton went in first. There were two tables inside, and more outside. The people inside were, of course, talking and was a little noisy. That is... until Tony started talking.

Tony: What do they have here, Mom?

Ako: (nge...) Hm... they have crepes, of course.

Tony: What are crepes?

Ako: well... they're sort of... food that's stuffed inside these pancake-like cones. They're delicious, want one?

Tony: yeah, sure! What can I have?

Ako: There are all kinds of flavors, you can make your own. There! (pointing)

Tony: Oh, alright. I'll have... blueberries... and then brownie bits... and then choco chips... wait! no! i'll have cream, instead of choco chips!

Ako: why don't you have ice cream instead?

Tony: but, i don't want ice cream!

Ako: Okay. Ask your brother if he wants one.

(lumabas si Tony at tinawag si Dale)

Tony: (obviously talking to Dale before they went in)...see? they have all kinds of stuff! there's brownie bits, see?! there are bananas, and blueberries... i ordered blueberries! there's ice cream, and choco chips... see?! c'mon, pick one!

Dale: hm... okay... i'll have bananas, then chocolate ice cream... and choco chips!

Tony: wait! you'll have ice cream, then i'll have ice cream! Make mine ube!

Ako: Okay. Let's order. Miss... (relayed their orders)

Counter Girl: syrup po? chocolate or strawberry?

Tony: strawberry!

Dale: chocolate! wait... anton... what will you have, again?

Tony: i'll have blueberries... brownie bits... ube ice cream... and strawberry syrup!

Dale: what?! that's gross!

Tony: No, it's not! You just don't have breeding!

(aso na pinaguusapan ngayon)

Dale: oh well, mine is better.

Tony: no! mine is!

Dale: okay. (feeling resigned)

after paying, i went out to join Anea, and they stayed inside. i went back in again when i saw them talking to all 3 counter girls and those girls were laughing.

Dale: so, that's how you do it? that's just like doing this (circling his hands) and then putting everything in? ew...

Tony: Okay, why is his bigger than mine?

and so on... and so forth... to which the Counter Girls just said "yes."

my kids were so maingay, that i didn't notice the people inside were all quiet now. When i turned around to look at them, they were all looking at my kids, seemingly enjoying the show. That's when I realized that maybe people are thinking something negative... or positive... i don't really know what other people think... and if it was just me, i wouldn't care... but with my kids, I just want them to be like other kids, especially when we're outside. ayoko silang ma-label ng kahit ano.

when we went out, the kids started eating their crepes, and i said...

Ako: kayo talaga, when we're outside, you just speak in Tagalog na lang, ha?

Tony: Ha? Bakit?

Ako: Wala lang... para mapractice natin si Kuya Dale. Okay, Kuya Dale?

Dale: What? Again?

Ako: Sabi ko, pag nasa labas tayo, mag-Tagalog ka para ma-practice ka.

Dale: What? Again?

Ako: I said, when we're outside, you try speaking in Tagalog.

Dale: Eh! Hin...dih...ah..koh...nin...tihn...dih...han! I can't speak in Tagalog, you know that! It's hard! I never want to speak in Tagalog! It makes my head hurt! (etc... etc...)

Ako: Okay, okay... just try, even a little?

Dale: Okay.

My kids are natural English-speakers. It all started with Dale, and his schooling. Tony had to get that habit, coz if he didn't he wouldn't be able to communicate with his brother.

Now, Tony speaks better than Dale. He gets expressions from the tele. What's bad is they also get those bad expressions, like "darn it!" and I actually heard Tony say "what the hell?!" Dale said "damn!" once or twice, and of course, got reprimanded.

When I got Dale's report card, his teacher's comments were all good... and that it is "bawal," as she puts it, for Dale to speak in English during Filipino, Sibika, and Character Education... and it is really difficult for him. Last year, he got line of 7s, both in Filipino and Sibika. But this year, he got 89 and 88. I was so ecstatic! and she said Dale started a trend in class... coz he likes to say OH.MY.GOD. in a certain way. and he says it when he sees how long the notes he's going to write are. So when he starts saying OH. MY.... his classmates will all say GOD. and they will all laugh.

Anyway, I am proud of my kids... but, I also want them to learn our native language. Tony is not a problem. Si Dale na lang ang kailangan ng practice.

Just today, he was on the phone talking to his cousin, Noel. He was beginning to fret, and was saying, "I can't understand you, Noel!" Grrr..... and then he will stomp his foot, and then said "Hin. di. ki. ta. nin.tin.di.han!"

and then he resigned and gave me the phone, asking me to translate everything Noel said.

I didn't find it funny or did I ever feel that it is great for Dale not to understand Tagalog. i actually pity him. I wish that he could at least understand Tagalog, and then reply in English, if he really cannot pronounce words that well.

It's been almost 10 years. We really should be doing something about it. It really is our fault. Since it is easier for us to get our message across, we tend to speak in English as well. Hay. Mahirap pala.

At least there's one word I have changed him into using.

Ako: Dale? Are you done with your assignment?

Dale: OPO. (from his previous YEAH)

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