Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Dale developed a fever yesterday, highest was 39. The doctor said it might be because of the leg, or it might be because of something else, since he's been sneezing, too. He was prescribed an antibiotic (na pagkamahal-mahal!).

His leg is doing better, btw.

so, i went to the guidance office yesterday, but before that I already called them to set an appointment. the one who answered asked me what it was about, and I said it was kinda serious, that I wanted to see THE guidance counselor, and that Dale was in the hospital (i didn't say doctor's clinic) because of a classmate.

before I got there, of course, the buzz was already going on. the adviser was so nervous that she already talked to the other teachers, coz apparently, NOBODY knows what's been going on. All the teachers suspected Karl, though, coz he's been bullying daw Dale lagi. (It's Clyde who was doing the karate chops on him.)

when you go to school to pick up Dale, you'll notice that almost everyone calls his name. and Dale doesn't respond to it. i knew why when I talked to him. He said, it's irritating!

of course, it does! who wouldn't be irritated? kahit tayong mga "normal" people, maiirita.

so, I told them to talk to the whole class, and other classes as well, to stop it. Dale is special enough for him to realize it, as well.

My children are well-known sa school nila, because of Dale and my daughter, Anea, who's always at the top of her class. My bunso, Tony, gets attention, too, because of them. And since they all speak in English (Anea and Tony can speak Tagalog), they really can stand out among native-speakers. Lalo na kapag naguusap na silang magkakapatid. They can't help it, coz Dale wouldn't understand them if they don't, so it just comes naturally. And this is one point that the teachers and counselors gave me as a reason why Dale gets a lot of attention.

Well, that's swell! Pano na lang yun, eh ganun na talaga si Dale since he learned how to talk? *sigh*

when I told them about the fighting and tripping incident, they assured me that it will be dealt with accordingly. they all flipped when they learned that the tripping was done by two grade one girl students. syempre nga naman, ano namang connection nila kay Dale.

No, I did not freak out or tell them off like a non-educated mother. As a "teacher" as well, I understand the difficulty of the situation. I know that the teachers are doing their best naman. Considering the fact that it is a regular school and that they are not really educated in handling special children.

I also requested that the mothers of those children be notified about it, and they said that's the protocol naman. They will notify me of the developments within the week.

Hay. Wish ko lang di na maulit. *hehe*

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