Saturday, November 01, 2008

mag-aral ay di biro.

after finishing A.B. Communication Arts, getting a few units of M.A. in Special Ed, taking up 18 units of Education, and passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers, I am now ready to... kill myself.

yes, I enrolled to a 6-unit OJT this sem to finish my Certificate in Teaching Program at the PNU. I am about to experience classroom teaching in a public secondary lab school. teaching (or trying to) high school boys and girls. after 6 months of resting from a kidney transplant. 3 months, Mon-Fri, 7am - 4pm.

i'd be dead in a week. *LOL*

though, if i finish this without crashing, i'd go onwards to getting a job as a teacher by June. I can teach already, I already have my license as a high school English teacher, however, I want to have some kind of experience first before I humiliate myself.

yeah, yeah... not if i kill myself first.

but i really want to finish this. If I get my certificate and a couple years of experience, if ever the future tells us to live somewhere else, I'd be ready.

high school!

i'm screwed.

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