Thursday, November 27, 2008

Practicum Journal #2

It was a difficult week. Now I have more respect for teachers, and I admire them for their dedication and patience.

The school celebrated English Week for 2 days. The first day was for the grade school students, and the 2nd was for the high school. My CT was one of the coordinators of the said event, and I was left with handling her advisory class.

The first day, we had to watch the contests in the gym. It was hot and humid. All the students were there for the opening ceremony. I made sure that the class was disciplined, quiet, etc. It was really hard to control these kids. I have one student who is clearly one that needs special attention. He keeps on moving, and cannot control himself. He even hurts other kids. Although he always smiles and he has god qualities as well. He really likes it when I ask him to do things for me, like bringing books to the other section.

There is one other who is sooooo devious and sumbungero. I really don't like this kid, i'm sorry to say. As soon as I enter the classroom, he would tell me that one of the kids did this to him, etc. But I caught him taking that classmate's stuff, like he was retaliating, with that devious look on his face.

I kept on thinking... these little boys... they're so mean sometimes, that you can't help but think how their parents treat them. Before I was being so hard on myself coz my kids are really makulit in the house. Iniisip ko, ganun ba ko kasamang parent na eto ba natututunan nila sa kin.... But then I learned that they are all behaved in school. They respect their teachers, they do good, and hindi pa naman sila napapapunta sa guidance (except for Dale, but hindi siya yung gumagawa ng bullying). And that made me even more proud of my kids. At least kapag nasa labas na sila ng bahay, maganda naman pala sila umasal. And I think that's more important.

But these kids I'm handling.... grabe! Lahat ata ng sections may mga kids na napapapunta sa guidance office... and I don't mean once! and not only one kid din! Kanina, in one section, I noticed I was missing 6 of them. Yun pala, they're in the guidance office for counseling coz they were caught fighting with each other. Grabe. Gang fight na ito. And that's only Grade One kids!

Isa lang din ang conclusion ko dito... hindi porket private school, walang ganung nangyayari. So, ang mga parents na hindi kaya ang private schools, they don't need to feel bad. It's just the same. Iba lang sa kanila, probably yung facilities and the building talaga. And what I also found out, some of the teachers there are not even LET passers. Buti pa sa public, lisensyado mga teachers. So, saan ka pa? Di ba mas comfortable ka as a parent knowing that your kids are being taught by licensed teachers?

Dapat talaga yun ang tutukan ng government. Yung Education ng mga kabataan. They should provide the necessary equipment, manpower, etc.

Well, anyway...

The second day of the celebration, my CT was not available, so I handled all the classes and taught alone. It felt good. There were no major problems. The lesson was about Predicting Outcomes. Like making an intelligent guess on what will happen next.

Yesterday, though, was my first time to teach with my CT watching. The lesson was about Simple Present Tense. And it was a disaster, coz the video that I used, mahina yung sound. During my third class, the kids were all noisy that I had to stop showing it to them. Dapat pala even if i stopped it, I should have made them see it pa rin after the discussion.

Meron din akong nasabi about the topic na mali, napaghalo ko yung rule sa Simple Past Tense. I noticed my mistake during the next class na.

Today, was okay though. I think. Haha. I didn't use any electronic device na lang. I just used pictures and words lang as my motivation and review. May isang mali, coz di ko nagawa sa isang section din, pero since mahaba yung lesson ko, I didn't have time to really do everything. The kids needed to copy pa kasi.

Tomorrow, it's just writing activity, so I didn't need to make any visuals to use, thank God. I just need to bring some coloring pages for the kids to color. We're going to decorate the classroom, too, for Christmas.

I just need to finalize my lesson plan for next week today. 2 Lessons lang ako, coz review lang yung 3rd. Monday and Tuesday kasi we don't have classes. Tuesday is Pasay Day. Yes! I'd have time now to relax a little. A little lang coz during those days, I also have to write my lesson plans for the next week, and do my visuals din. Haha.

Pero syempre, I will watch Twilight muna with Anea. I wasn't able to watch the first day, I cancelled my reservation, coz of the many things I needed to do nga.

Hay......................... My CT asked kanina, hindi pa daw ba ako napapagod. Hindi pa naman, talaga. Totoo yun. Physically, yes. Pero yung pagod na ang ibig sabihin is umaayaw na... hindi... PA. Coz honestly, I like teaching. I like doing the lesson plan (well, not really pala, coz it takes up so much time, but is needed din, so no complains), i like doing the visuals. I super like thinking and coming up with ideas that will make the children participate. My visual kanina was a hit. The kids all wanted to participate talaga. If only I could call them all.

Kahit nakakapagod siya physically, rewarding naman, seeing all their faces. Hearing them call your name. Sagana din ako sa food minsan, coz they give me their baon na hindi nila gusto or di nila nakain. Some of these kids kasi, they bring too much baon. Isa daw yun sa sign na the kids like you, when they give you food. But of course, when my CT is there with me, the kids give the food to my CT. Some still give me, though. Imagine 3 sections yun. Magbigay lang 3 kids dun, eh di 9 na yung food mo. Kanina, I got 3 zest-os, 1 chuckie, and an assortment of biscuits. The day that my CT was not around. I got so much food, that I had to place them all in one plastic.

When I got home, Tony said, "Mom, I hope you don't mind... I saw food in your bag so I took some." ah..... english-spokening dollars, no?! haha. gulat ko din eh.

Yun nga... si Tony ang nakikinabang kadalasan. Haha. Pero before I accept their food, I always ask them first, kumain ka na ba, or do you have extra baon, and the kids will show their extra baon naman to me, and they'll say, "coz Ms. I don't like that one so yours na lang." And I can't not accept them coz if you reject them, they'll feel bad. I already asked the counselor about it, and that's what he said. Just to accept them and thank them.

Now, I'm thinking, ano kaya aapplyan ko next year... Naisip ko na high school na lang since I don't need a lot of visuals for that level, pero naiisip ko din na gusto ko nga yung ganun. Tapos andun pa yung mas rewarding na magturo sa mga bata, coz you know na foundations talaga yung tinuturo mo, and if you teach them well... dala nila yun til they grow older. So, now, nagdedebate yung utak ko at yung puso ko, kung san ako lulugar. Naisip ko na lang, kung san merong position. Haha! Beggars can't be chosers.

Hay... that's it for now... haba na eh... hehe. Lesson planning time at 11PM! Wah! Pasaway talaga ako.

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