Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am now on my final days of practicum, and I actually finished my final demonstration yesterday. Nakahinga na ako ng maluwag... lalo na after the deliberation, when all I received were positive comments from my fellow practicumers and my prof. She even said that she'd gladly recommend me to San Isidro para maging teacher na dun, but I said no, coz I really want to try out the public school setting first. My materials were borrowed by my Co-Teacher coz she will use them first daw. Even a couple of the other teachers will borrow it daw. But I already told them na kukunin ko yun ulit coz I will use them in the future.

I was very lucky to have a very supportive Co-Teacher, who taught me what she knew... I learned a lot from her, especially yesterday. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be able to pull it together.

She was also very understanding, lalo na nung pagbalik namin after the holidays, when I told her what happened to Chad. She even let me rest for 2 days, and siya yung nagturo for me. Those were difficult days for me. I found myself staring at nothing and suddenly crying when I thought of what happened to Chad. Wala akong nagawa that week and the next. Nag-cram lang talaga ako 2 days before my demo. Buti na lang she understood and let me just help her out with the management of the classroom.

Tomorrow will be our evaluation with the whole batch of practicumers from PNU (around 200 for this quarter). Monday is our last day with San Isidro, to complete our requirements and say our proper goodbyes to our kids there.

I will miss some of them... lalo na yung makukulit na sweet. Mami-miss ko yung food! Haha... My kids there give me food everyday. Nung Christmas, I got gifts din... and during my stay, I also received various drawings and notes, that I am keeping as a remembrance of my stay there.

Graduation namin sa Marso! I will start applying come February para maka-start na ako ng pagtuturo sa June. *fingers crossed*