Friday, February 27, 2009

Wrong choice of friends can destroy your reputation....

My daughter found that out the hard way.

It is very sad that when last year, I've decided to transfer my children to another school this coming school year, it never crossed my mind that my daughter will leave the school with a stained reputation. And it irritates me to hell that somehow, it was my fault.

Just because this loser of a so-called friend of hers kept texting everyone and made her look like she was the one at fault, and I, texted her to stop it already, and her mother read it. The mother--the bitch where the so-called friend probably got her evil genes from--began talking to other mothers and teachers inside the school. As to what, I seriously do not know, but from the looks that those parents were giving my daughter (her friends told me), it wasn't good.

The mother and I had an agreement that I will talk to my daughter's friends, and she will talk to her daughter's friends to make both groups to stop fighting, and making bad remarks about each other. I did my part. I talked to the students. I went to the guidance office to officially tell the counsellor about the situation and asked him if he could talk to my daughter's group and guide them and make them stop making comments about the other group. My daughter's group stopped.

Obviously, she did not do hers coz my daughter's friends told me that today, they still made remarks while some of them passed.

I very much wanted to go there and rip them to shreds. But I do not want to add to my daughter's anxiety and stress. I hope I am doing the right thing. I know that there are times that diplomacy is the way to go. But I also believe that there are situations that cannot be solved by being quiet. So, if the situation worsens, I am going there to ask them what their problem was.

I cannot fathom why this mother is doing her best to spread the bad news around. I cannot imagine why this mother would want other people to know that her daughter already has a boyfriend at age 13. Pagkalat daw ba! Is that something to be proud of? Duh.

I am now thinking, if i do transfer her to another school, they will say that my daughter is a loser who cannot handle it. If I don't, they'll say maybe we couldn't afford the tuition where I am supposedly transferring my daughter to.

My daughter doesn't want to transfer then. Now, she's for it. I asked her, "Bakit? Don't tell me naduduwag ka?" To which she answered, "Hindi noh. Ayoko na dun. Nasira na reputation ko. Madami ng masamang nangyari dun."

She built her name in that school since Prep. She was on the honor roll, she's always merited for being good and kind. She was the favorite of most of the teachers. It's a shame that who we thought were our bestfriends (and mothers who do not have anything better to do) can ruin it.

I am teaching her now to learn from that experience and be very careful as to who she should trust next time. I am also making sure she studies hard for her written excellence exams this Monday. Her friends and I told her to beat the ex-bff through that instead. =)

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