Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Tony Chronicles part.... who cares?

with the ingenius participation of Kuya Dale, of course.

Tony: Ma, which is more important--the heart or the brain?

Me: both.

Tony: isa lang.

Me: both nga.

Arolf sumabat: Anton! Mommy's right. They're both important. Look, it's like the heart is the wife and the brain is the husband... the heart keeps the person alive by pumping blood into the body and the brain. The brain makes all the vital organs work.....

Tony sumabat: and who is their baby? The spleen?????

Anea and Me: *guffaw*


Me (calm): But Kuya, what if the husband and wife split up?

Arolf: Aw, Mommy! You make things complicated!

Tama, anak. LOL.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

happy wednesday

I didn't go to work Monday coz I went to the doctor. Results were okay, but I was sooo tired afterwards. I didn't go to work the next day coz of that. Hehe.

When I did go today, I saw that there was a sign for a Caritas sort of garage sale. My co-teacher and I browsed through it during our lunch break. Of course, nothing else caught my attention except for the books there.

First one I saw was Roald Dahl's Henry Sugar... mahaba yung title kaya yan na lang. I grabbed that one without asking how much it was (30 bucks pala).

And then, underneath that, was..... Stephenie Meyer's The Host. Yes, it wasn't an illusion. And it was in great condition. Though they said it's no Twilight, still, it's Meyer. Grabbed that one as well, and asked how much that was. I almost shed tears of joy when she said it's for a hundred bucks only. Nakita niya naman yung price sa likod... 599 at Powerbooks. Weh.... The nice lady obviously didn't know that the author is still popular today. Thank heavens, for that.

The next one I saw is The Sorcerer's Companion (Harry Potter)... which was not written by JK Rowling, but still costs around $15 at Barnes&Noble and goes for 250 bucks second-hand at Bought it because it has nice illustrations, and it also costs 100.

And then I dug behind the stacks, and found these letters: P.S.

I grabbed that without looking fully at it and asked how much it was agad. The lady said it was for only 30 bucks. Can you just believe my luck? I wanted to buy P.S. I Love You by Ahern before pa kasi love ko yung movie, kaso lang nanghihinayang ako sa 359. Haha. Now I have it for 30 bucks. Grabe.

My co-teacher laughed at my bewilderment and happiness. Ang babaw ko daw pala.

After a very tiring Monday and a very rotten Tuesday, I got a happy Wednesday. yey!