Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Tony Chronicles part.... who cares?

with the ingenius participation of Kuya Dale, of course.

Tony: Ma, which is more important--the heart or the brain?

Me: both.

Tony: isa lang.

Me: both nga.

Arolf sumabat: Anton! Mommy's right. They're both important. Look, it's like the heart is the wife and the brain is the husband... the heart keeps the person alive by pumping blood into the body and the brain. The brain makes all the vital organs work.....

Tony sumabat: and who is their baby? The spleen?????

Anea and Me: *guffaw*


Me (calm): But Kuya, what if the husband and wife split up?

Arolf: Aw, Mommy! You make things complicated!

Tama, anak. LOL.

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