Monday, August 31, 2009

TTC Volume 2

Sibling Rivalry, according to the net, is some sort of a competition or animosity between brothers and/or sisters.

Having three children, I have witnessed different kinds of SR within my kids. With Tony, it always streams from jealousy, especially with Dale. My kids fight, they talk back, they say nasty things. Slight physical attacks are also involved.

Being a working mother, it's very difficult to handle SR. I have tried different kinds of discipline, and most of them only works for a short while.

One thing that I am sure of is, they only show their "true colors" at home and within familial presence. If you talk to their teachers, they say that my kids are very behaved in school. Anea and Tony both got Best in Conduct awards from their old school.

Even if they fight, I am sure that they love each other. It shows when one is down or have encountered difficulties especially in school. They try to encourage one another, especially when it involves Dale.

Tony is a menace to Dale, but if Dale is not at home, he misses him and asks for him. That goes the same for Dale.

Anyway, here is one example of how my children "hate" one another:

While we were going out of the house to go to Pasay Mall (to eat at Mang Inasal--a treat), we peeked in at Tito Erick's abode and saw Mika (Erika's dog) and she began barking at us.

I said "Bakit ganyan si Mika, nagbago na... dati naman hindi ganyan yan."

Tony: Oo nga. Sa kin din ganyan yan eh.

Anea: Sa kin hindi. Mabait yan sa kin.

Tony (matter-of-factly): Evil dog--Evil Sister.... makes perfect sense.

and the four of us laughed all the way to the mall.

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