Monday, August 24, 2009

Turning Japanese

WARNING: Those with severe allergies sa "kabaduyan"... do not read!

I remember the time that Meteor Garden became very popular here. I remember my supervisor, Mel. She was so crazy about them F4. I didn't watch the series, didn't even care. I thought what's the fuss about? Sure, they may be cute. But I really couldn't picture myself watching it, waiting for each episode.

Kung meron man akong hilig about Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese.... eh yung pagkain! Hahahaha... Yung maki, sushi, kimchi, noodles, miso soup, kani, at kung ano-ano pa... kahit araw-araw mo kong pakainin niyan, solb!

and then came Lee Min Ho.

Deym! I felt like I was clutching a flagpole, and down came lightning from the sky, leaving me with a star-like scar. The first time I watched BOF, all I could of was how funny he was... yes, funny! Grabe, super babaw ko to the max. May poster pa nga ako ng lintek na yan sa kwarto ko eh. Pinagsasapantahan! *wahahahahahaha!*

So, I watched some more... and came to a point where I cannot wait for the next day... so I went out and got myself a DVD. I finished it in a day or two. It was very romantic.... *blush* and then, I couldn't just stop there, could I? Me... the human that will not rest until she gets answers. haha.

I wanted to compare BOF to Meteor Garden, so I went back, bought MG DVD, and found out, there was a Japanese version, Hana Yori Dango, so I bought that one, too.

That's when I started to realize.... I want to become a Japanese in my next life. *LOL* Gusto ko lang dun yung ka-kyut-an nung mga gamit... nung mga damit nila... at least kung nasa Japan ka, di ka papansinin kapag nag-boots ka... dito, stand-out! haha. tsaka basta ang cute ng mga things dun... so kawaii!!!

I found Hana Yori Dango to be intense. MG to be too dragging (masyadong mahaba and maraming drama). BOF was light and funny and I guess, better.... coz they have better-looking guys.

From then on, I came back to the shop and bought some more DVDs. Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean... hay. I couldn't get enough of them series. And I don't like the Tagalized versions. I want the original ones, coz I found out that words and thoughts get lost in translation.

What I like about them? Of course, for starters, new faces to see... new places to wonder... and new stories! Before, I haven't thought about vacationing abroad, now I wish I could go to those Asian countries and see all the places I saw in those series... I also began thinking why we didn't stick with alibata... their alphabet and writings are beautiful!

Don't get me wrong, I do watch Filipino teleseryes when I have time... What I don't like is waiting day by day for it to finish. With DVDs, I can just finish it in a span of 1 week if I'm busy, and a day if I'm not... and that's 14, 16 hours straight. Grabe, noh?

I'm done with Ms. No Good which is currently being shown... and it was funny.

Anyway, I have at least learned how to be open to new things, new cultures, new people, new languages, and new feelings... kahit sa DVD man lang.

Eto yung mga napanood ko na:

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