Monday, September 28, 2009


I downloaded Leap Frog movies to give to my student who needs help in reading. I also tutor him privately. Arolf wanted to watch them coz two of the movies were new and Papa has not given them those yet.

While he was watching it, Anton watched with him.

When they were done, Anton went down and said (pronouncing the letter sounds):

C - R - AP! (k - er - ap)
C - R- AP! (k - er - ap)

salbahe talaga. at mas salbahe ako kasi hindi ko magawang magalit. tawa ako ng tawa. bad!


Aileen was helping him with his project... eh they were going to construct a bridge... so Aileen wanted to buy popsicle sticks for it. I said tomorrow na lang.


Anton: Ma! Yung popstickle sticks ah!


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