Saturday, December 24, 2011

There were a lot of things and people that I have to be thankful for.  I thank God for giving me my family, most of all.  They were with me through everything that I have been through.  They were with my children when I cannot.

Thank you God, for my Mom and Dad.  They are my rock.  Past 60, and still they are working hard so as to keep me alive.  It was not a joke, to be sick... to need millions... and continue needing money for my maintenance medicines that still cost around 40K a month.  It is not a joke to be told that the new kidney is rejecting... that all the heartaches and worries will still continue.

Thank you that you also take care of my children.  I will not forget that even the smallest things, from bringing my children to and from school when they were little, Papa did them for me.  He also taught Arolf a lot.  To be patient, to learn how to use the computer, and how to tell time.  They also bring my children to the doctors and hospitals when they were sick and I cannot do it.  

I do not forget, Mom and Dad, how you love not just me, but my whole family.  And for this, I will be eternally grateful to God for giving you to me as my parents.  There were a lot of things that you did out of love, and everyone should do well to remember that.

I thank God for my brothers and sisters, especially now and everytime that I needed them, they are always there for me.... they will go to the ends of the earth just to find me a suitable donor.  They watch over me in the hospital, patiently taking care of me.  Driving me to the hospital every month so I would not need to commute.  They also find time for my children when I am not able.

I thank God for my nieces and nephews.  My brothers and sisters, my parents, have taught you well.  You love me like your mother, and would readily give your blood to extend my life.  You also help me with my children's homeworks and projects.  Go with me during numerous check-ups and stuff.  Pick up their report cards when I cannot.

I thank God for my relatives, cousins, aunts and uncles who readily extend their help, who offered their prayers and support.

I thank God for my friends and classmates, you make me laugh and help me forget all my problems and pain.

I thank God for Ronald for my children.  I thank God for my in-laws who also help me with my children when needed.

And most especially, I thank God for my children--Anea, Dale, and Tony--because they are the main reasons why I still breathe.  All the heartaches and physical pain are nothing when I see them happy.

Again, before we end the year... I thank God for all of the people who made a difference in my life.  You will all be in my prayers.  Have a blessed Christmas and a fruitful 2011.

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