Wednesday, August 08, 2012

5 countries you want to visit before you retire

Today's meme from BC Bloggers is very interesting.  Although, visiting other countries is a big challenge for me, there's still no harm in dreaming, right?

United Kingdom - castles and Harry Potter, need I say more?  :))  
Australia - to visit the place where my husband is.

Greece - is such a beauuuuuuuutiful place!  Just seeing those pictures!
US - to visit my relatives and see my grandmother
Ireland - to drink beer; or just to hear them Irish folks talk.  :))
I cannot leave the country for more than 4 days since I'm on dialysis.  So, the only countries I can go to are Asian countries like China.  :(

Note:  Pictures are not mine.  They are from the net.  If these are your pictures and you want to be credited, please post a comment.  Thank you.

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